The Bride of the Wind

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The Bride of the Wind
'Bride of the Wind', oil on canvas painting by Oskar Kokoschka, a self-portrait expressing his unrequited love for Alma Mahler (widow of composer Gustav Mahler), 1913.jpg
Artist Oskar Kokoschka
Year 1913-1914
Type oil on canvas
Dimensions 181 cm × 220 cm (71 in × 87 in)
Location Kunstmuseum Basel

The Bride of the Wind (Die Windsbraut) (or The Tempest) is a 1913-1914 oil on canvas painting by Oskar Kokoschka. It is housed in the Kunstmuseum Basel. Kokoschka's best known work, it is an allegorical picture featuring a self-portrait by the artist, lying alongside his lover Alma Mahler.

Kokoschka met Mahler, then recently widowed from Gustav Mahler, in 1912. A passionate romance ensued, with the artist producing numerous drawings and paintings of Mahler. The painting depicts Mahler in a peaceful sleep beside Kokoschka, who is awake and stares into space. The couple's break-up in 1914 had a profound effect on Kokoschka, whose expressive brushwork grew more turbulent.