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The Bridge
Studio album by Ace of Base
Released October 27, 1995
Recorded 1994 – 1995
Genre Pop
Length 59:30 (Europe)
55:23 (U.S.)
55:23 (UK)
Label Arista
Producer Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Jonas Berggren, Ulf Ekberg
Ace of Base chronology
The Sign
The Bridge
Singles from The Bridge
  1. "Lucky Love"
    Released: October 9, 1995
  2. "Beautiful Life"
    Released: October 30, 1995
  3. "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"
    Released: March 1996
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]
Entertainment Weekly B[2]
Los Angeles Times 2/4 stars[3]
Q 3/5 stars[4]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide 2.5/5 stars[5]
Spin (7/10)[4]

The Bridge is the second album by Swedish pop music group Ace of Base. It was composed during 1994 and 1995, and released in October 1995. It is the only Ace of Base album to feature sizable contributions of writing, production, vocals, and harmonies by all four band members, each having an important part in its creation.


On January 1, 1994, The Sign album and single hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Inspired by the band's success, Jonas penned the first song of what would become The Bridge while on holiday in the Canary Islands. The song was "Beautiful Life". Jonas hoped to incorporate gospel elements into the song, which was composed retaining the band's original club-friendly beat.

The band was still promoting their previous album and so work on The Bridge was infrequent during much of 1994. Jonas and Ulf each composed (separately) a half-dozen songs. Jonas' songs were recorded mainly at Cheiron Studios in Stockholm, while Ulf's tracks were created at Tuff Studios in Gothenburg. For the first time, Jenny and Linn also composed and produced songs. Their tracks were recorded mainly at Tuff Studios.

Ulf continued to work with John Ballard and StoneStream (Björn Stenstrom). In Stockholm, Jonas worked with producers Max Martin and Denniz Pop and vocalist Jeanette Söderholm.

By the turn of the year, the band had recorded enough demos to present to their three major record companies. Ulf and Jenny appeared on VH1's Lift Ticket to Ride and mentioned the band's new recordings.

Releases and promotion[edit]

In the later half of 1995, preparations were made to release The Bridge, including the creation of several music videos. Director Richard Heslop filmed videos for "Beautiful Life" and "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry", which were filmed within months of each other, as evidenced by the Christmas decorations seen in the back of the laundromat in the latter video. The band was filmed entirely in a studio and computer graphics were added to give the band the appearance of being outdoors. A video was filmed for "Lucky Love" which was different from the others in that it was filmed outdoors. However, the American record company, Arista Records, was unhappy with all three of these videos. According to VH1, the bubbles digitally added to the "Beautiful Life" video were digitally removed at the record company's insistence. An entirely new, "sexier", video was filmed for "Lucky Love".

In September 1995, "Beautiful Life" was released in North and South America and Japan, while simultaneously "Lucky Love" was released across Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. The full album was released later that month. The band appeared in Canada and Mexico, and performed in several Latin America countries. "Lucky Love" was a commercial success across Europe, and was later released in North and South America (in April, 1996). While "Lucky Love" was released there, "Beautiful Life" charted in Europe. "Never Gonna Say I'm sorry" was released in the U.S. in August, 1996, but was largely ignored because it was given no promotion, and the band was busy performing concerts elsewhere. "Just 'N' Image" was heard on several radio stations in the U.S., but no further single releases were forthcoming. Promotional releases of "My Déjà Vu" appeared in France and Scandinavia that year.

Ace of Base appeared at several concerts around the world during 1996, including their second-largest performance ever at Viña del Mar, Chile, where the band performed in front of 20,000 fans. They also appeared in South-East Asia, where by some fan accounts, they performed poorly. At one point, lead singer Linn flew home. The band appeared the following year in April at the World Music Awards, where they accepted the award for Best Selling Scandinavian Artists of 1996. There, Jenny performed a solo, lip-synced rendition of "Ravine".

During 1997, three of the band members (Jonas, Jenny, and Ulf) prepared material for their next album. This was to become Flowers, the band's third album. In 1998, Polydor released a limited-release promotional CD "Angel Eyes". This was the very last Bridge release, and it was packaged with the South-East Asia version of Flowers.

The full version of "The Bridge" (including "You and I") was released in the US via iTunes in 2007.

Chart Performance[edit]

The Bridge is certified double Platinum in the USA. Seven million copies of the album were sold worldwide. However, this was a far cry from the 24 million copies of the band's previous album, Happy Nation / The Sign.

The singles from the album found extremely varied levels of success. While "Beautiful Life" became a #1 club hit in the U.S., and reached #15 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, the release of "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry" in August 1996 was given no promotion and peaked just outside the official Billboard Hot 100.

Track listing[edit]

Europe (excluding UK) and Australia[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Beautiful Life"   Jonas Berggren, John Ballard Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Jonas Berggren 3:39
2. "Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry"   Jonas Berggren Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Jonas Berggren 3:14
3. "Lucky Love" (Original Version) Jonas Berggren, Billy Steinberg Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Jonas Berggren 2:52
4. "Edge of Heaven"   Ulf Ekberg, John Ballard, Stonestream Ulf Ekberg, John Ballard, Stonestream 3:49
5. "Strange Ways"   Linn Berggren Linn Berggren, Radiant 4:16
6. "Ravine"   Jenny Berggren Per Adebratt, Tommy Ekman 4:39
7. "Perfect World"   Ulf Ekberg, John Ballard, Stonestream Ulf Ekberg, John Ballard, Stonestream 3:55
8. "Angel Eyes"   Jonas Berggren, Billy Steinberg Jonas Berggren, P. Adebratt, T. Ekman 3:13
9. "Whispers In Blindness"   Linn Berggren Linn Berggren, Zal 4:10
10. "My Déjà Vu"   Jonas Berggren P. Adebratt, T. Ekman, D. Carr, Jonas Berggren 3:22
11. "You And I"   Jonas Berggren, Billy Steinberg Jonas Berggren 4:05
12. "Wave wet Sand"   Jenny Berggren Jonas Berggren 3:18
13. "Que Sera"   Ulf Ekberg, J. Ballard, Stonestream Ulf Ekberg, J. Ballard, Stonestream 3:47
14. "Just 'N' Image"   Linn Berggren P. Adebratt, T. Ekman, Linn Berggren 3:07
15. "Lucky Love" (Acoustic Version) Jonas Berggren, B. Steinberg Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Jonas Berggren 2:52
16. "Experience Pearls"   Jenny Berggren D. Carr, Bag 3:57
17. "Blooming 18"   Jonas Berggren, B. Steinberg Denniz Pop, Max Martin, Jonas Berggren 3:38


Chart Peak
Australian ARIA Albums Chart 46
Austrian Albums Chart 10
Canadian Albums Chart 13
Danish Albums Chart 5
Dutch Albums Chart 17
Finnish Albums Chart 2
French Albums Chart 3
German Albums Chart 8
Hungarian Albums Chart[6] 6
Japanese Albums Chart 16
Mexican Albums Chart 1
New Zealand RIANZ Albums Chart 28
Norwegian Albums Chart 20
Russian Albums Chart 1
Spanish Albums Chart 42
Swiss Albums Chart 4
Swedish Albums Chart 1
UK Albums Chart 66
US Billboard 200 29


To date, the album has sold more than seven million copies worldwide, including two million in the United States.

  • Canada: 2x platinum (200,000+ units sold)
  • China: 2x platinum
  • Denmark platinum
  • Finland: platinum (59 097) [1]
  • France: platinum (300,000+ units sold)
  • Germany: gold (250,000+ units sold)
  • India: gold (100,000(?)+ units sold)
  • Indonesia: platinum
  • Japan: platinum (273,890 units sold)
  • Korea: 3x platinum
  • Malaysia: gold
  • Mexico: platinum (250,000+ units sold)
  • New Zealand: platinum (15,000+ units sold)
  • Philippines: 2x platinum
  • Poland: gold
  • Spain: gold
  • Sweden: platinum (100 000 units sold)
  • Switzerland: platinum (40,000+ units sold)
  • United States: 2x platinum (2,200,000+ units sold)


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