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Example page from the British Workman 1865

The British Workman was a broadsheet, periodical published monthly in England by Partridge and Co in London.[1] The publishing house of S W Partridge & Co was founded by Thomas Bywater Smithies, from York in 1855 in order to publish "The British Workman"[2] It was published between 1855 and 1892 with the aim to

"promote the health, wealth and happiness of the working classes"

.It was illustrated with contemporary engravings with some editions having the first page given over to a single engraving. The text, written by a number of authors was a mixture of socialism and Protestant Christian religion. It strongly advocated temperance and was

"dedicated to the industrial classes"


Collections of the magazine are held in a number of collections including the Bodleian Library in Oxford and the Heatherbank Museum of Social Work which holds an incomplete run of annual bound copies from 1855 to 1892,