The Brute (1920 film)

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A contemporary newspaper advertisement for the film.

The Brute is a 1920 race film directed, written, produced and distributed by Oscar Micheaux.

Production background[edit]

The film focuses on a young woman (Evelyn Preer) who, after the reported death of her suitor, is forced into an unhappy marriage – only to discover her original suitor is still alive. The film includes a subplot about an African American boxer (played by boxing champion Sam Langford) who rebels against a crooked manager who tries to fix a major bout.[1] The original version of the film included a scene where the boxer defeats a white rival, but Micheaux was forced to remove the scene by censors.[2]

Preservation status[edit]

No print of the film is known to exist and the production is believed to be a lost film.[3]

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