The Bull Dog Breed

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"The Bulldog Breed"
Author Robert E. Howard
Country United States
Language English
Series Sailor Steve Costigan
Genre(s) Boxing, Comedy
Published in Fight Stories
Publication type Pulp magazine
Publication date February 1930

The Bulldog Breed is a Sailor Steve Costigan short story by Robert E. Howard. It was originally published in February 1930 issue of Fight Stories.[1]A Sailor Steve Costigan story. Steve Castigan is not too popular with the Old Woman of the Sea Boy, so she goes ashore and takes her also in trouble bulldog Mika with her. When a Frenchwoman sinks the boot into Mika, well, a woman who doesn’t stick up for her dog is the lowest of the low. Steve and Frances have to settle this with five ounce boxing gloves. A Gender Switch Adventure.

The story is now in the public domain.[2]

"AND SO," CONCLUDED the Old Man, "this big bully ducked the seltzer bottle and the next thing I knowed I knowed nothin'. I come to with the general idee that the _Sea Girl_ was sinkin' with all hands and I was drownin'--but it was only some chump pourin' water all over me to bring me to. Oh, yeah, the big French cluck I had the row with was nobody much, I learned--just only merely nobody but Tiger Valois, the heavyweight champion of the French navy--" Me and the crew winked at each other. Until the captain decided to unburden to Penrhyn, the first mate, in our hearing, we'd wondered about the black eye he'd sported following his night ashore in Manila. He'd been in an unusual bad temper ever since, which means he'd been acting like a sore-tailed hyena. The Old Man was a Welshman, and he hated a Frenchman like he hated a snake. He now turned on me. "If you was any part of a man, you big mick ham," he said bitterly, "you wouldn't stand around and let a blankety-blank French so-on and so-forth layout your captain. Oh, yeah, I know you wasn't there, then, but if you'll fight him--" "Aragh!" I said with sarcasm, "leavin' out the fact that I'd stand a great chance of gettin' matched with Valois--why not pick me somethin' easy, like Dempsey? Do you realize you're askin' me, a ordinary ham-an'-egger, to climb the original and only Tiger Valois that's whipped everything in European and the Asian waters and looks like a sure bet for the world's title?"

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