The Burden of Proof (film)

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The Burden of Proof (also Scott Turow's The Burden of Proof) is a 1992 television miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Scott Turow. The story follows the character Sandy Stern following events in the film and book Presumed Innocent.

The miniseries was directed by Mike Robe, adapted by John Gay, and premiered on February 9, 1992.



  • The miniseries won an Eddie Award for Best Editing
  • Brian Dennehy was nominated for an Emmy Award as Best Supporting Actor in a television movie or mini-series.
  • The miniseries was nominated for the Emmy for Best Television Movie or Miniseries.
  • Not all critics liked the film. Chicago Tribune television critic Rick Kogan wrote that the movie "proceeds so deliberately as to prove numbing" and that "the cast of characters remains superficial." He concluded by noting that "the axes around which the plot, and the sex, spin are less major crimes than melodramatic misdemeanors. The four-hour sentence they receive here is too harsh a punishment for the audience."[1]

Video release[edit]

It has been released on VHS and DVD as a single movie, albeit a 184 minute release.


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