The Bushwackers (film)

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For the 1925 Australian film, see The Bushwhackers (film).
The Bushwhackers
The Bushwackers FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Rod Amateau
Produced by Herman Cohen (associate producer)
Larry Finley (producer)
Jack Broder (executive producer)
Written by Rod Amateau (writer)
Tom Gries (writer)
Starring See below
Music by Albert Glasser
Cinematography Joseph F. Biroc
Edited by Francis D. Lyon
Release date(s) 8 January 1952
Running time 70 minutes
Country USA
Language English

The Bushwhackers is a 1952 American film directed by Rod Amateau.


Tired of killing, war veteran Jefferson Waring rides west, but in Missouri he sees "squatters" mowed down by men working for rich, ruthless Artemus Taylor.

He spends the night at Independence newspaperman Peter Sharpe's place, but is jailed when daughter Cathy Sharpe finds this total stranger in her room. The local marshal, John Harding, is just one of many men on Taylor's payroll.

Peter's business is threatened by banker Stone unless he takes Taylor's side against "squatters" settling in the region. The blind and wheelchair-bound Taylor and ambitious daughter Norah are secretly aware that railroad surveyors are considering laying tracks nearby, so they want all the land for themselves.

Norah and henchman Ding Bell ambush and shoot Jeff, after which Bell is killed by Taylor's top hand, Sam Tobin. A doctor treats Jeff's wounds but the sheriff charges him with Bell's murder.

When the situation escalates and Norah personally guns down the newspaper editor, Jeff breaks out of jail and organizes a group of vigilantes. Taylor dies of a heart attack while Norah, trying to rob the bank for some getaway money, is also killed. Jeff stays in town to run the paper with Cathy.



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