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The Buzz may refer to:

  • The Buzz (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Comics' series Spider-Girl
  • The Buzz (talk show), a television entertainment news and talk show in the Philippines (known as Buzz ng Bayan since 2013, but later was reverted back to its original name in the 2nd quarter of 2014)
  • KRBZ, a Kansas City radio station known as "The Buzz"
  • KTBZ-FM, a Houston radio station known as "The Buzz"
  • WBUZ-FM, a Nashville, Tennessee radio station also known as "The Buzz"
  • WSBU-FM, a college radio station at St. Bonaventure, NY known as "The Buzz"
  • WPBZ, an FM modern rock radio station in West Palm Beach, FL known as "The Buzz"
  • WBTZ, an FM alternative rock radio station broadcasting from Plattsburgh, NY known as "99.9 The Buzz"
  • The Buzz (Australian radio show)

The Buzz may also be:

A person with the name The Buzz:

  • Peter Bosustow (born 1957), Australian rules footballer known as "The Buzz"

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