The Buzzhorn

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The Buzzhorn
Origin Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Genres Hard rock
Alternative rock
Years active 1997–2004, 2011–present
Labels Atlantic Records
Members Ryan Mueller – vocals
Todd Joseph – bass
Bert Zweber - guitar
Rob Bueno - drums

The Buzzhorn is an American hard rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


The band's lineup consisted of Bert Zweber (guitars), Ryan Mueller (vocals), Todd Joseph (bass), and Rob Bueno (drums). In 1997, the group began performing around the Milwaukee club circuit. In 1998, the group recorded its debut album, self-producing it on a tight budget. The end result was "A Complete Package Of Action-Packed Tragedies", which drew praise among local music critics. In 2000, Buzzhorn self-released an EP. A label representative from Atlantic Records heard the band and signed them to a contract in January, 2001.

In 2002, Buzzhorn released its debut single Ordinary which was followed by the full-length album Disconnected in July, 2002. It was produced by Howard Benson (Papa Roach, P.O.D., Cold, Hoobastank). The Buzzhorn's major label debut brought them praise for bringing a fresh approach to the hard rock world, with Hit Parader magazine labeling The Buzzhorn as "the new hard rock rookies of the year" as well as a 4 star review from metal edge magazine. The album is estimated to have sold at least 10,000 copies, almost directly due to music from the album being included in the video game Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. The band cites poor promotion and support for the poor sales performance; specifically Atlantic's promotion of the hard rock act Taproot. Shortly after the release of the album, the band split in 2003 after completing their contract with Atlantic Records.

The Buzzhorn toured with Seether, Injected, Deftones, Default, Jerry Cantrell as well as many other groups in support of Disconnected.

Following the completion of the band's contract, Joseph moved to California where he worked on other projects as well as producing acts. Zweber joined a local Milwaukee band called King Gun made up of former members of the Milwaukee hard rock act Big Dumb Dick. King Gun released a three song demo in 2004 before splitting. The lead singer of King Gun reformed Big Dumb Dick in early 2008 and has recruited Bert as their new guitarist replacing Paris Ortiz.

On 15 October 2011, it was announced on Facebook that the band is currently reforming. The band had also confirmed the line up consisting of all original members, including Ryan Mueller (vocals), Todd Joseph (bass), Bert Zweber (guitar), Rob Bueno (drums). The band started rehearsing and writing new songs in November 2011. On December 9, 2012 it was confirmed by former bassist Todd Piotrowski that 6 songs are finished and band is planning to record them in studio in mid-January, 2013. According to the latest post made by Todd Piotrowski on the 5th of August, 2014 on Facebook the band is officially reunited. The first reunion show is going to take place on the 13th September, 2014 at a local Milwaukee club to celebrate its 10th anniversary.



Date of Release Title Label
1999 A Complete Package of Action-Packed Tragedies Self-Released
2000 The Buzzhorn (EP) Self-Released
August 6, 2002 Disconnected Atlantic Records / WEA

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