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For the film starring Robin Williams, see Cadillac Man.

The Cadillac Man is the pen name of a homeless white American writer who lives under the railroad viaduct in Astoria, Queens, New York City. His book, Land of the Lost Souls: My Life on the Streets describes his experiences living on the streets.[1] His notebooks have been excerpted in Esquire Magazine,[2] and his writings on street life have appeared in The New York Times.[3] A 2006 documentary about him[4] has appeared in 14 film festivals.[3] His work was part of the recommended readings for University of Pennsylvania urban studies students.[5]


Cadillac Man does not publicly state his name,[3] but says his nickname comes from being run-over by Cadillac cars on six different occasions in 1994.[3]

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Cadillac Man has been married twice, and has three children.[3] After he lost his job at a meat market in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, he began drinking.[3]


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