The Cannibals (British band)

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The Cannibals
Also known as Mike Spenser and The Cannibals
Origin London, England
Genres Rock, trash rock, garage punk, garage rock, garage rock revival, punk rock
Years active 1976–present
Labels Hit Records, Big Cock Records, Homestead Records, GMG, Big Beat Records
Associated acts The Milkshakes, The Cramps, The Heartbreakers, Bo Diddley, The Barracudas, The Nomads, The Inmates, The Sting-Rays, The Count Bishops
Members Mike Spenser
Tony Rathskeller
Peter Revez
Patrice Picard
Jay Wiffen
Past members Ben Donnely
Peter Gunn
Johnny Johnson
Tony Oliver

The Cannibals are a British rock band formed in 1976 by Mike Spenser,[1] formerly of The Count Bishops, after his new band, the Flying Tigers, had split up.[2] They have released seven full length albums, numerous singles, EP's, split LP's, and appeared on several compilations.[3] The band is one of the most prominent representative of the Trash rock and Garage punk genres.


Current members[edit]

  • Mike Spenser - Vocals, Harmonica
  • Patrice Picard - Guitars
  • Jay Wiffen - Guitars
  • Peter Revez - Bass
  • Tony Rathskeller - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Ben Donnely (of The Inmates)
  • Peter Gunn (of The Inmates)
  • Tony Oliver (of The Inmates
  • Dino (Drummer)
  • Adam Blake (of Treatment)[4]
  • Virgil Tracy
  • Johnny Walker
  • Johnny "Mother" Johnson (of Thee Headcoats)
  • Mike McCann
  • Geff Mead
  • Laury Picard (of Drunk Sincerity)
  • Mark Wiffen (of Anti State Control)
  • Sebastien Marks
  • Dave Heard
  • Barry Frost
  • John Roland
  • Patrice Llaberia
  • Dave Good
  • Doug "Kes" Forrester
  • Clive Leach (Treatment)
  • Richard Jones
  • Chris Dalley (of Sundial)
  • Jeremy Rice
  • Mike Berry [the intellektuals]
  • Johnny Buck (The Polecats)
  • Chris Dust
  • Tim Arrowsmith
  • John Moore
  • Gary (Drummer, Friend of Dave Heard(
  • Ben York-Barber (drummer
  • Tim (RIP) Guitarist on Pills
  • Eric Baconstrip (drummer, of King Salami & the Cumberland 3)
  • Kamikaze U.T. Vincent (bass, of King Salami & the Cumberland 3)



  • ... Bone to Pick (1982)
  • Trash for Cash (1985) USA only
  • Hot Stuff (1985)
  • The Rest of ... The Cannibals (1985)
  • Please Do Not Feed ... The Cannibals (1986)
  • And the Lord Said ... Let There Be Trash (1991)
  • Brunch with ... The Cannibals (2008)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • The Brest of ... The Cannibals (1995)
  • " Brunch With...The Cannibals" (2008) CD for Japan Tour

Split albums[edit]

  • Run, Chicken, Run (Volume 1) (with The Surfadelics) (1987)


  • Trash Flash! (1982)
  • Nadine (1982)


  • "Good Guys" (under the name 'Mike Spenser and The Cannibals', No. 64 in John Peel's Record Box) (1977)
  • "Pick 'N' Choose" (1981)
  • "Led Astray" (1982)
  • "The Submarine Song" (1984)
  • "Christmas Rock 'N' Roll" (1985), Hit
  • "Kings of Trash" (under the name 'Five Young Cannibals') (1987)
  • "You Drive Me Mental" (under the name 'Five Young Cannibals') (1989)

Split singles[edit]

  • "Are You Going to Stonehenge" (with Stoned Aid) (1989)
  • "Axe the Tax" (with The Voice Of The People) (1990)

Various artists compilation albums[edit]

  • The London R & B Sessions (1980)
  • These Cats Ain't Nothin' But Trash (with The Milkshakes and The Sting-Rays) (1983)
  • Twenty Great Hits of The 60's (1984)
  • Garage Goodies, Volume 1 (1986)
  • Meltdown On Media Burn (1986)
  • Garage Kings (& Junkyard Angels) (1988)
  • All Night Garage Service (1991)
  • The Songs The Cramps Taught Us (1992)
  • The Trash Box (2004)


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