The Captain's Birthday Party

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The Captain's Birthday Party
Live album by The Damned
Released 1986
Recorded 27 November 1977
The Roundhouse, London
Genre Punk rock
Label Castle Music
Sanctuary Records
Producer The Damned
The Damned chronology
The Captain's Birthday Party

The Captain's Birthday Party is a live recording by The Damned. It was recorded in November 1977 at The Roundhouse, in London and released in June 1986. In 2002, this album was released on CD by Sanctuary Records.

Shortly afterwards re-issued as Not The Captain's Birthday Party?, with the addition of "I Fall" among the tracks.

Track listing[edit]

  • All songs written by Brian James, except where noted.
Side One
  1. "You Take My Money"
  2. "Creep (You Can't Fool Me)"
  3. "Fan Club"
  4. "Problem Child"
Side Two
  1. "So Messed Up"
  2. "New Rose"
  3. "I Feel Alright" (Iggy Pop, David Alexander, Scott Asheton, Ron Asheton)
  4. "Born To Kill"