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The Car Chasers is a television series on CNBC. The reality show covers car restoration professionals who repair old cars and sell them at a profit.[1]

About “The Car Chasers”

Jeff Allen, the owner of Flat 12 Gallery in Lubbock, Texas, will find any excuse to find, fix, and flip a classic car. If it’s got an engine, Jeff has a plan. With his trusty team, Jeff works to effectively restore these cars into dollars signs. Jeff is all about strategy; buying low and selling high is the name of his game, but deep down, Jeff would gladly hold on to every car he buys. Each one is a treasure and that’s what makes him so good at wheeling and dealing – he truly values the cars and brings that passion into the deals. He loves all cars, but is a child of the seventies and so has a true soft spot for the muscle cars of that generation – oh, and Ferraris. He definitely can’t get enough of Ferraris! But don’t let his weakness for fancy rides fool you. Jeff treats every deal as a battle, and when he goes head to head with an equal adversary, the negotiation becomes a true chess match.

Not only has Meggan been Jeff’s partner since high school, but she’s also been his longstanding financial advisor, instructing him on what cars to buy and what to sell. But she is far from the typical moneyman: she was raised in quite the car aficionado family, supplying her with an abundance of car wisdom. Meg’s disapproval on a car often prevents Jeff and the team from making a big mistake and wasting money on a non-running or non-profitable vehicle. The major factor in the company’s success, Meg’s attitude and strategy keeps the team working at maximum efficiency. [2]


{{SEASON 1 1. Flippin Ferraris Jeff and Perry get a solid lead on an iconic 1981 Ferrari in Las Vegas with huge potential to make a lot of profit. 03-05-2013

2. Stacks of Cash and a Hidden Stash Jeff and Perry find a hidden compound of cars in Midland Odessa, Texas with a treasure trove of priceless cars including a 1969 Dickie Harrell Camaro 427. 03-12-2013

3. Fast and Furious Profits Jeff and Meg head to Hollywood in search of movie cars to auction fast; Jeff and his dad make a wager. 03-19-2013

4. Lights, Cameras, Cars A major buyer seeks American muscle cars; Jeff and Meg set out to buy cars in Hollywood; a purchase is trashed during transport. 03-26-2013

5. Hot Rods and Hot Models Jeff, Meg and Perry head to Vegas for SEMA; a pristine '65 Malibu with a six figure asking price; a 51 Ford Shoebox; a 53 Mercury; Jeff gets worked up over an amazing '71 Chevy. 04-02-2013

6. American Muscle Madness Jeff and Perry explore a treasure-laden man cave hidden in an airport hangar; a '65 Shelby Cobra; an authentic World War II era military jeep sporting a 50 caliber machine gun. 04-09-2013

7. Auction Fever Perry and Eric trick out a classic '31 hot rod; Meg and Jeff devise a plan to give a big boost to the value of their '53 Merc. 04-16-2013

8. California Dreamin' Jeff and Meg consider setting up shop in Southern California; a Porsche Speedster; a mint Ferrari 360 Spyder; a gorgeous Lamborghini Countach. 04-23-2013

SEASON 2 1. A Tale of Two Chevys Flat 12 Gallery has a brand new location; Jeff buys a run-of-the- mill '57 Chevy Bel Air and announces his plan to transform it. 10-22-2013

2. Bayou Blitz Jeff and Perry chase down some exciting leads on a road trip to Louisiana; Jeff and Perry have to pull out all the stops to bring home some cars. 10-22-2013

3. Right Around the Corner Jeff and Matt explore a secret stash packed with an eclectic mix of old cars; Meg and Eric exercise their selling chops back at the shop. 10-29-2013

4. Lights, Camera, Cars! Meg and Jeff head out to California to search for some unique cars; an American classic that has starred alongside Ryan Gosling. 10-29-2013

5. In Overdrive to Auction Jeff and his team scramble to get ready for an upcoming auction in New Orleans. 11-05-2013

6. Let the Good Times Roll A torrential downpour threatens the team's freshly detailed cars in New Orleans. 11-05-2013

7. More Power Jeff and Perry wheel and deal in Hollywood; some colorful California locals try to sell Jeff an Italian supercar in appalling condition. 11-12-2013

8. Corvette Crazy An opportunity to purchase an '82 Corvette arises; Jeff's wily father has some surprises for him at the Lubbock auction. 11-12-2013

9. The Ride of Frankenstein Jeff and Meg take a trip to Los Angeles; Jeff must haggles with an eccentric car builder; a Cadillac that belonged to Don Draper. 11-19-2013

10. Fast Deals, Furious Wheels Jeff is anxious to make a deal on a Richard Petty race car; one of Jeff's friends surprises him with a low-mileage Delorean. 11-19-2013

11. Bucks Capacitor Jeff and Perry have leads on vehicles used in the "Fast & Furious" movies; Jeff and Perry try to acquire a dune buggy. 11-26-2013

12. Texas Capital Gains Matt takes Jeff try to get their hands on a 1965 Mustang; a local motorcycle legend's workshop; Jeff tries to sell a stunt car from the movies. 11-26-2013

13. Camaro Cache Jeff and Matt check out a 1970 Camaro that belongs to a man who must sell his toys to help raise his young family. 12-03-2013

14. Formula For Fortune A brand new Shelby GT500; a family looking for a new car falls in love with Jeff's unique custom 1957 Chevy. 12-03-2013

15. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is The gang puts finishing touches on all of their cars that are headed for the Austin auction; Jeff must rely on Matt Evans to come to the rescue. 12-10-2013

16. Austin Auction Action Jeff and Meg go toe to toe with a military couple for a classic '70s muscle car; a friend brings by a late-model Corvette. 12-10-2013 }}


Allison Keene of the Hollywood Reporter said the show accurately reflects the purpose and focus of CNBC.[3]


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