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The CarbonNeutral Company is a UK-based carbon offsetting company. Originally called Future Forests, it was founded in 1997 by Sue Welland and Dan Morrell.

The company renamed itself in September 2005 to reflect "the business’s wider focus on solutions to climate change."[1] By 2006 the company had turned from the planting of trees for carbon sequestration to technological investments intended to reduce emissions after journalists described some of their mango tree-planting efforts in India as ineffective.[2]

The musician Joe Strummer was inspirational in starting Future Forests.[3] Other musicians who have contracted with CarbonNeutral include The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, David Gilmour, KT Tunstall,[4] and Dido.[5]

CarbonNeutral Protocol[edit]

The CarbonNeutral® Protocol, launched in 2002, is CarbonNeutral's certification that a company, brand or product has reduced their carbon emissions to net zero.[6]

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