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The Carey School is a private elementary school with grades PreK–5 located in San Mateo, California.[1] It was founded in 1928 by the parents of Clare Carey Willard and her sister, Mary Therese Carey. Before it became a relatively big school, it was in a house located on El Camino Real. Prior to 1993, it provided schooling from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. During financial difficulties, the less profitable middle school was closed. Now it is only an elementary school.

Annual events are held every year. Some of these are the end-of-the-year events are Operetta, the 5th Grade Graduation, Spaghetti Dinner, and a trip for students to Saratoga Springs. Children are being added every year.

In 2006, there were 233 students. There are also teachers for each grade and specialty class. There are also assistant teachers, cooks, and administrative assistants.

The head of school is Duncan Lyon, who succeeded Eric Temple in 2011. Neely Norris is the Director of Studies.

The school mascot is Feathers, the eagle.


  • Founded in 1928 on Clark Drive in San Mateo, now located between 20th and 22nd Ave. off of La Salle Drive in San Mateo, Address is One Carey School Lane.
  • Phase 1: 1928 - 1955: Mr. Carey
  • Phase 2: 1955 - 1989: Mrs. Willard and Ms. Carey ran the school
  • Phase 3: 1989 - 2003: Mr. Bob Simpson ran the school
  • Phase 4: 2004–2011: Mr. Eric Temple (now under a board of trustees)
  • Phase 5: 2011–present: Mr. Duncan Lyon



  • Library: Literature& Technology: Books and Computers; able to borrow from San Mateo library
  • Arts: Field Trips, exhibitions in San Francisco; Themes
  • Science: Focus on biology chemistry and physics
  • Languages: Spanish and French: students take both in K and then onwards (1-5) they specialize in one language
  • PE: cooperative sports (note: competitive sports only in 4th and 5th grade)
  • Music: two productions/yr; Go to symphony and ballet; no instruments though; go to San Francisco Opera and have the Opera visit here.. After school music program (From the heart)
  • After school (3-6 pm) specializations: cooking, photography, drama, chess-club, music (from the heart)
  • Lunch is offered: outsourced to Epicurean Group

Social activities[edit]

  • 2 fund raisers per year, an auction and a walkathon
  • Room Parents
  • 4 parties/yr
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Prospective parents dinner hosted by current parents
  • New families are assigned an existing "mentor" family


Parents are expected to participate in four fundraising activities: annual giving, capital campaigns, an auction, and a walkathon. Annual giving and capital campaigns entail direct cash contributions to the school. The auction and the walkathon raise funds for the Carey School Parent Association, which then applies the funds to specific school needs designated by the association.

Famous alumni[edit]

  • Rona Halualani, Professor, San Jose State University (Class of 1984)
  • Barry Bonds, professional baseball player, Pittsburg Pirates and San Francisco Giants (Class of 1978)


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