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The Castle of Adventure was a kids’ live-action serial based on the book by Enid Blyton. It ran for 8 half-hour episodes from 19 April to 7 June 1990, produced by Television South and shown on CITV. The star studded cast included Susan George, the late Gareth Hunt and Brian Blessed. The kids were played by Rosie Marcel and Richard Hanson. Lionel Augustus and Edward Francis (who was the producer of all episodes) were the writers. Terry Marcel, Rosie’s father was the director.

The series followed the adventures of 5 kids who try to discover the strange goings-on at the ruined castle across the valley.

The names of the children are Philip and Dinah Mannering who are brother and sister, Lucy-Ann and Jack Trent, also brother and sister. During the holidays, they live with Philip and Dinah’s mother, Allie at Springs Cottage where she borrowed from her friend. In episode 2, the four youngsters make friends with Tassie, a mysterious gypsy living in the woods with her mother, who is threatened by Sam, nicknamed Scar. Towards the series’ end, Aunt Jane visits the children, so does Bill Cunningham whom Allie met during the convention at the Military service in the opening episode.

The series was filmed on location and at Saltwood Castle in Maidstone, Kent.

Repeats of the series were unknown once it was aired. However, a year later, a video was released; although some scenes were edited out.