The Cavalier Song

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"The Cavalier Song" is the University of Virginia's fight song. The song was a result of a contest held in 1923 by College Topics, the University's student newspaper. "The Cavalier Song," with lyrics by Lawrence Haywood Lee, Jr., and music by Virginia Glee Club member Fulton Lewis, Jr., was chosen as best fight song while John A. Morrow's "Virginia, Hail, All Hail" was chosen as the best alma mater song.[1]

Generally the second half of the song is played during sporting events while the entire song used to be part of the Cavalier Marching Band's entrance during home football games. The song has been recorded by both the Cavalier Marching Band and the Virginia Glee Club.[citation needed]


Verse 1
Come and sing dear old Virginia's name,
And make the Blue Ridge roar;
For the world yields honor to her name
Who knew her deeds of yore.
Then make each heart a flowing bowl,
And pour our pledges strong,
As down the ages still we roll;
Virginia's triumph song.
Verse 2
Once more our might has won the fight;
We gain the victor's due.
And all men raise their voice to praise
The orange and the blue.
So, through the years, like Cavaliers,
We'll shout Virginia's name!
It e'er shall be on land and sea
A sign of might and fame.[2]

See also[edit]

  • "The Good Old Song", the University of Virginia's unofficial alma mater, which is often mistakenly termed a "fight song."