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The Cavern Clan is a set of fictional characters created by Mauricio de Sousa and featured at the Monica's Gang comic strips. The Cavern Clan lives in the Stone Age, but their strips always features dinosaurs, which is anachronistic, as the dinosaurs were extinguished 66 million years ago. Most of the stories feature Piteco hunting dinosaurs, running away from Tooga, or even he and his friends fighting against other village’s people. Ironically, the characters would always refer to things which did not exist at that time yet, for example, if a character needs to walk a long distance, he or she would say “Too bad they didn’t invent the car yet, ‘cause otherwise I would go faster”. Mauricio de Sousa was inspired by Alley Oop [1] strips and named the village of Piteco is Lem (which in Alley Oop refer to Lemuria).[2]

In November 2013, it was published the first graphic novel starring Piteco, Piteco - Ingá, produced by comic artist Shiko, the title refers to the inscriptions of the Ingá Stone, located in Paraíba, the author, Shiko is originating from Paraíba.[3]


  • Pitheco (Piteco) – His whole name is Pithecanthropus Erectus da Silva[citation needed], and he lives at the fictional Lem Village. He is mostly portrayed as a hunter who goes after dinosaurs and fish to eat. He also has to deal with Tooga, who is always attempting to marry him against his will. In most of the early stories, Piteco found Horácio (another character, a small philosophical T-rex) in his egg, but he troubled Lem and was forced to leave.
  • Hank (Bolota) – Pitheco's best friend. He is the one to give advice to Pitheco, when he finds himself in a difficult situation.
  • Tooga (Thuga) – Tooga has a strong crush on Pitheco.[4] Her biggest dream is to marry him. However, Pitheco disapproves her idea. Tooga sometimes uses brute force to marry him (like capturing him and taking him to the "church"), but Pitheco always manages to escape.
  • Zoom & Boom (Zum e Bum) – Twin thieves. They are homeless, but spend several nights at the local police prison. Their stories mostly feature them trying to escape from prison or attempting to steal valuable objects.


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