The Chalk Garden (film)

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The Chalk Garden
"The Chalk Garden" (1964).jpg
Directed by Ronald Neame
Produced by Ross Hunter
Screenplay by John Michael Hayes
Based on The Chalk Garden (play) by Enid Bagnold
Starring Deborah Kerr
Hayley Mills
Music by Malcolm Arnold
Cinematography Arthur Ibbetson
Release dates
May 21, 1964
Running time
106 min.
Country United Kingdom
United States
Language English
Box office est. $3,250,000 (US/ Canada)[1]

The Chalk Garden is a 1964 British-American film directed by Ronald Neame. It stars Deborah Kerr and Hayley Mills and is an adaptation of the 1955 play of the same name by Enid Bagnold.[2] DVD Release 1.10.14

Plot Summary[edit]

An elderly woman hires a governess with a mysterious past to look after her disturbed teenage granddaughter, who has seen off many previous governesses and who feels intense sexual jealousy and resentment of her beautiful mother.



Edith Evans was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She lost to Lila Kedrova in Zorba the Greek. Arthur Ibbetson was nominated for the BAFTA award for best cinematography.

Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times wrote, "a GREAT deal of scrupulous cultivation and orderly shaping of the plot have been done to make a film of...Enid Bagnold's eccentric British play...the tangle of its arrangement and the overgrowth of its characters have all been trimmed and weeded by some prudent and skillful hands to make the bright, sweet and aromatic picture that opened at the Music Hall yesterday...Ronald Neame, who has directed the picture, and John Michael Hayes, who has written the script, present us with a cozy, compact drama that follows a comfortable, sentimental line...There are moments, however, when the sharpness of Miss Bagnold's oblique slant on life cuts through, usually in glints of hidden mischief or in lines of slashing paradox and wit. When these come, the film sparkles briefly beyond the brightness of its Technicolored hues." [3]


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