The Challenge (2003 film)

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The Challenge
The Challenge film.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Craig Shapiro
Produced by Jeff Franks
Written by Elizabeth Krugger (screenplay)
Michael Swerdlick (screenplay)
Starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Dualstar Production
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release dates
  • May 3, 2003 (2003-05-03)
Running time
92 minutes
Language English

The Challenge is a 2003 film starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and their last direct-to-video production before their move to the big screen with New York Minute.


The story features on two twin sisters, Shane and Elizabeth Dalton, who live separately from one another on opposite ends of the country. Shane is very into nature and is a vegetarian, while her estranged twin sister Lizzie has a driven, type A personality. They are complete opposites, or so they seem to think. Unknown to each other, both have entered to be in a TV reality show called The Challenge and, as part of a deceitful scheme to boost the flagging ratings (the show is on the verge of being cancelled if these don't improve), the producers think it would be fun to put both twins on the same team when they hate each other. Shane lives in LA with her mom and Lizzie in Washington, D.C. with her dad; they haven't seen each other in two years. The girls are both put on Team Mayan, and they have to try to get along for the sake of both the team and their college scholarships. They do, of course, break some romance rules with some guys. Shane falls in love with a member from the opposite team, while Lizzie falls in love with the show's intern. Eventually the girls realize how much they do mean to one another and help each other and their team win.

The Challenge was Mary-Kate and Ashley's last direct to video production, so at the end, in a short little scene, past boyfriend's from their other films show up and begin arguing leading the girls to exit saying "Boys may come and go, but we'll always have each other, and that's not just in the movies."

The Contestants[edit]

Shane Dalton (Mary-Kate Olsen): A vegetarian who lives with her single mother in California and is the estranged sister of Lizzie. Very peaceful and Zen-empowered, is easygoing, unless it involves her sister, and she works to get her team in 'the right place' for the tasks by teaching them yoga. She is afraid of heights. She and her sister make up in the middle of the movie and seem as if they were never apart. She wants to be an earth scientist. She is on Team Mayan with her sister.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dalton (Ashley Olsen): A modern city girl living with her father in Washington DC, is the more uptight twin. She's typical "city girl" although she is very detailed-oriented, which proves to be a bit of an advantage during later tasks in the game. She has a major fear of snakes. She falls for the head intern Marcus they have a romantic relationship and go out on double dates with Shane and Adam. She is on Team Mayan with her sister.

Adam (Lukas Behnken): A laid-back, average boy who plans to go to college to study journalism. He grows close to Shane early on the film. His parents split as well. He is one Team Aztec.

Kelly (Sarah Bastian credited as Sera Bastain): An extremely athletic, over-competitive girl from Knoxville, Tennessee. She is seen to have special talents in swimming, but her overly competitive nature makes her out to be a bit anti-social and a bit antagonistic of not only the other team but her own team. Later she is shown to be a nice a person she apologizes to Shane and Lizzie. She is on Team Aztec.

Anthony (Theo Rossi): An Italian-American boy who plans to use his winnings to go to culinary school. His goal is to be like Emeril, and he is very fond of eating as well as cooking. He may be second-generation Italian immigrant, as during one scene, he thinks he sees his mother, who has a heavy Italian accent. He seems to have a crush on Lizzie but its only seen a few times in the whole movie. He becomes best friends with Justin. He is on Team Mayan.

Justin (Zakk Moore): A typical 'surfer dude.' Though he seems to be nothing but a fun-loving skater-boy from the start, he is shown to have a very high IQ, as he plans to study astrophysics and can easily answer questions during one task pertaining pharmaceutical chemistry. He and Anthony become fast best friends, while he seems to have a crush on Shane and Anthony seems to have a crush on Lizzie. He is on Team Mayan.

JJ (Diana Carreno): A self-proclaimed "triple-threat", is the contestant with dreams of stardom. It's hinted she may not be very intelligent, as she initially thought she was auditioning for American Idol. In the end, she receives an invitation to be on a same show. She was on Kelly's team along with Adam and Charles like the others she couldn't stand Kelly. She is on Team Aztec.

Charles (Ty Hodges credited as Eric Ty Hodges): A very calm, intuitive boy who plans to study psychotherapy. He is the one who tries to keep his team together mentally. He also is the one who tries several times to bring Kelly back down to Earth when she lets her competitiveness get the best of her. He may have a crush on her, but this is only hinted once. He is on Team Aztec.

The Crew[edit]

Max (Joe Michael Burke): He's the host of the show and will do anything to get ratings for the show he is obsessed with ratings as proven when he chases Shane, Adam, Lizzie, and Marcus in a bike chase. In the end Shane and Lizzie with the help of Adam and Marcus get revenge by dumping (gross) beans from a previous task on him.

Sasha (Jeannette Weegar credited as Jeanette Weegar): She seems to be Max's assistant. Not much is known about Sasha but she seems very naive about relationships.

Big Joe (Pablo Recasens): the camera man or main one. He helps Max chase Shane, Lizzie, Marcus and Adam twice. He ended up with sand in his hair from a dirt bike chase.

Marcus (Brian Skala): the head and only intern. He's from L.A. he wants to direct films. He likes Lizzie throughout the entire movie and was originally the one who came up the idea to have Lizzie and Shane on the show. He tells Lizzie the truth which deeply hurts her. In turn, when she says she doesn't know how she feels about Marcus, he seems hurt as well. However, he becomes Lizzie's boyfriend in the end and becomes good friends with Lizzie's twin, Shane and her boyfriend, Adam.

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