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The Channeling is a punk band from Southern California. The Channeling's first official appearance in the mainstream was a slot on the soundtrack for the game Tony Hawk's Project 8 in 2006. The song is called "Frighteners".

The Channeling's EP called "Less Summer" is available for free download on their Facbook page. Their first full length CD, "Last Harvest", was released on June 21, 2011. A glow in the dark ouija board is a pre-order bonus for the first 31 orders.

The track lists are following

Less Summer 01:Contain The Contagion 02:Until It Burns.. 03:Less Summer

Last Harvest 01: Excommunication 02:Coroners Report 03:Cold Circuits 04:Damian 05:Frighteners 06:Anoxia 07:Demonology 08:Bolt Neck 09:Pillars To Dust 10:Salem

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