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A chariot is a two-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle. This may also refer to:



  • Chariot (album), by Gavin DeGraw
  • The Chariot (band), a hardcore band from Douglasville, Georgia, United States
  • "The Chariot" (song), by The Cat Empire
  • "Chariot", a French number 1 single by Petula Clark (a song translated into English as "I Will Follow Him" by Little Peggy March) It is composed by Paul Mauriat, Franck Pourcel and Raymond Lefèvre. A version of this song with Norwegian lyrics ("De novo", not translated from the original) is performed by the group KLM and called "Torsken kommer" (The cod comes; La morue vient) or "Se torsken" (See the cod; Voir la morue).
  • "Chariot" is an instrumental track, written by Rhet Stoller in 1960 and performed by him the same year, in the style of The Shadows.