The Chinese Detective

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The Chinese Detective
This is the main title caption that was seen throughout the series.
Format Drama
Created by Ian Kennedy Martin
Starring David Yip
Derek Martin
Robert Lee
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 14
Running time 1 Hour
Original channel BBC
Original run 30 April 1981 – 5 November 1982

The Chinese Detective is a British television series, transmitted by the BBC between 1981 and 1982 and created by Ian Kennedy Martin, who had previously devised The Sweeney and Juliet Bravo.

The series starred British-born Chinese actor David Yip as Detective Sergeant John Ho, and offered traditional police procedural storylines in a setting of occasional prejudice and distrust within the police force, and the prejudice displayed by those Ho encounters whilst doing his job. Like many other TV detectives, Ho was something of a maverick, often using unorthodox methods to solve crimes.

Ho's immediate superior in the police force was Det. Insp. Berwick (Derek Martin) and he was also often seen visiting his father Joe (Robert Lee) at his restaurant for advice.


Episode list[edit]

Episode Title Writer Director Guest stars

Series 1[edit]

(BBC1, 30 April to 4 June 1981)

1 Release Ian Kennedy Martin Ian Toynton Alan Ford, Shirley Stelfox
2 Hammer And Nails Ian Kennedy Martin Terry Green Brian Croucher, Matthew Scurfield, John Judd, James Marcus, David Sibley, Keith Hodiak
3 The Four From Fulham Ian Kennedy Martin Ian Toynton Michael Melia, Peter Dean, John Judd
4 Income Tax Ian Kennedy Martin Ian Toynton Lee Montague, Marc Zuber, Bill Treacher, Renu Setna, Dicken Ashworth, Ishia Bennison
5 Washing Ian Kennedy Martin Tom Clegg
6 Ice And Dust Ian Kennedy Martin Tom Clegg Ian Hendry, Roger Sloman, Michael Melia

Series 2[edit]

(BBC1, 10 September to 5 November 1982)

1 Trials Ian Kennedy Martin Ian Toynton Maurice Denham, Frank Gatliff
2 Oblomov Ian Kennedy Martin Terence Williams Michael Barrington, Alan Ford, John Savident, Albert Moses, Robert Russell
3 Wheels Within Wheels Ian Kennedy Martin David Green Rudolph Walker, George Sewell, Rosemary Martin
4 Tapdancer Ian Kennedy Martin Ian Toynton Edward Hardwicke, Bryan Marshall, Linda Marlowe, Pam St. Clement
5 Bounty Hunter Eddie Boyd Laurence Moody Maurice Roëves, Michael Attwell
6 Chorale Ian Kennedy Martin Jeremy Summers George Baker, Derren Nesbitt
7 Pasts Eddie Boyd Leonard Lewis James Ellis, Peter Copley, John Collin, Patsy Smart
8 Secret State Ian Kennedy Martin Brian Lighthill Tony Caunter, Patrick Malahide, Michael Robbins, Anna Wing

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