The Chinese Wall (Drop Dead Diva)

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"The Chinese Wall"
Drop Dead Diva episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Directed by Lawrence Trilling
Written by Thania St. John
Original air date August 2, 2009
Guest actors

Sharon Lawrence as Bobbie Dobkins
Mark Moses as Joe Dobkins
Diedrich Bader as Wallace Haft
David Berman as Hank Spencer

Episode chronology
← Previous
"Do Over"
Next →
"Lost and Found"
List of Drop Dead Diva episodes

"The Chinese Wall" is the fourth episode of the first season of the American comedy-drama/fantasy television series Drop Dead Diva.[1] The episode was written by Thania St. John and directed by Lawrence Trilling, and it first aired in the United States on August 2, 2009.


Jane Bingum (inhabited by Deb Dobkins) represents Deb's mother, Bobbie (guest star Sharon Lawrence), in divorce proceedings. Bobbi originally asked Grayson to represent her, but he represents Deb's dad (guest star Mark Moses). While Deb wanted her parents to get back together, they went through with the divorce. She learns that Bobbi has a boyfriend after Bobbi forgets her cellphone in Jane's office, and that her father was trying to do the right thing by not telling her upon the request of Grayson – who wanted Deb not to be distracted by her parents' divorce when he proposed to her. Jane/Deb then opted to gracefully bow out of the divorce case and move on – as everyone else was trying to do with their lives. When Bobbi asks her why she was so involved in the case, Jane answers that Bobbi reminds her of her own mother. Bobbi then says that Jane's mother is lucky to have a daughter like her.

Meanwhile, Jane and Kim defend a dog-owner who believes a pet cloning company did not give the dog owner (guest star Diedrich Bader) a prize-winning dog like the dog from which it was supposedly cloned. He wanted his money back because the dog was untrainable and would not follow the most basic of commands. Some online research revealed that this year’s current dog champion looked exactly like David Beckham and, with DNA tests to prove it, Jane and Kim unearthed a scheme whereby one of the cloning company employees had created a litter of pedigree pups using their client’s dog’s DNA – without his consent and certainly without paying for the privilege of using his dead dog as a stud in order to create the cloned pups. After this potentially criminal activity was revealed, the cloning company quickly offered to return the cloning fee and take the dog back. However, when suddenly faced with the prospect of having to return the dog and get his money back, Jane’s client was suddenly taken aback for he realized he had grown attached to the clumsy, untrainable dog and, while David Beckham the 2nd would never be a prefect champion, he was his best friend and he realized, “there is no price on unconditional love."


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