The Choice (The Outer Limits)

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"The Choice"
The Outer Limits episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 7
Directed by Mark Sobel
Written by Ann Lewis Hamilton
Production code 7
Original air date 28 April 1995
Guest actors

Diana Stevan as Ruth,
Thora Birch as Aggie Travers,
Rebecca Toolan as Mrs. Whelan,
Megan Follows as Karen Ross,
Frances Sternhagen as Jean Anderson,
Matthew Walker as Terry Walsh,
Page Fletcher as Joe Travers,
Sandra Nelson as Leslie Travers

Episode chronology
← Previous
"White Light Fever"
Next →
"Virtual Future"
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"The Choice" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It was first broadcast on 28 April 1995 during the first season.


A young girl with strange, supernatural powers is shunned by her friends, but welcomed by a nanny with similar gifts, while her parents must decide what's ultimately best for their child.

Opening narration[edit]


A young girl, Aggie Travers (Thora Birch), is an outcast at her elementary school, and mysterious things happen to people when she doesn't get along with them. Since it appears that she is responsible for these strange things, she is suspended from school. Her parents are at their wits end, so they decide to look for a nanny for their troubled child. Many candidates show up but when Karen Ross (Megan Follows) appears, she uses her powers on the other candidates to make them leave, which leaves her their first candidate. She seems perfect; she bonds with Aggie from the start, and seems to understand her special needs (powers).

Karen helps Aggie to hone her powers, while forming a strong bond between the two. Meanwhile, Terry Walsh (Matthew Walker), from a government organization known as The Trackers, is hunting down young girls like Aggie for the purpose of scientific experiments under the guise of para-FBI agents. When they meet she uses her powers to "remove the bad parts [of his memories]". Karen tells her about a group called Sanctuary and asks her to join her, because if she didn't, she would be tracked down and be experimented on. She joins her, says good bye to her family and leaves with Karen.

Closing narration[edit]

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