The Choir (EP)

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This article is about the EP by garage rock band of the same name. For other uses, see The Choir.
The Choir
Compilation album by The Choir
Released 1976
Recorded 1966 to 1969
Genre Garage rock, rock and roll
Label Bomp! Records

The Choir is a retrospective EP by The Choir that has been released only in 12" format. The cover features the same photograph as Choir Practice, although it has been cropped and is much grainier. There are actually five songs on the record, even though the cover says that there are only four.

Release Data[edit]

This record was released in 1976 by Bomp! Records (catalogue number BOMP-104) as a 12" 45-rpm EP.

Notes on the tracks[edit]

This was the first album or EP that included any songs by The Choir. Even their classic "It's Cold Outside" would not be reissued until 1979 (on Pebbles, Volume 2). All of the songs on this EP were previously unreleased when this album was issued and would not be otherwise available until the release of the more comprehensive Choir Practice almost 20 years later.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Anyway I Can"
  2. "Don't Change Your Mind"
  3. "I'd Rather You Leave Me"
  4. "Treeberry"
  5. "I Only Did it 'cause I Felt So Lonely"