The Christians (Norway)

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The Christians Party
Leader Erik Selle
Founded 24 February 2011
Membership 2,600 (2014)[1]
Ideology Christian conservatism[2][3]
Colours Orange
Politics of Norway
Political parties

The Christians Party (Norwegian: Partiet De Kristne, PDK), formerly The Christians,[1] is a conservative Christian political party in Norway. The party leader is Erik Selle.


The Christians was formed in response to the Christian Democratic Party abolishing their requirement that their party's representatives be of Christian faith. The party saw this as a step in the "de-Christianization" of the party, along with a perceived wider "de-Christianization" of Norway during the years of the Red–Green coalition government.[4]

The party contested its first election in the 2011 local elections limited to the municipal council in Bømlo. They won 6.5% of the votes there, earning them two seats.[5] Bømlo was selected to test support for the new party, with defected local Christian Democratic politicians heading their list. The choice of Bømlo was also symbolic as the original starting point of the Christianization of Norway by King Olaf Tryggvason a thousand years ago, with the party seeking to start anew a modern "re-Christianization" from the same place.[4]

In the 2013 Norwegian parliamentary election the party received 0.6% of the national vote, winning no seats but becoming second largest of the extraparliamentary parties.[6]


The party considers its ideology to be built on "Judeo-Christian" values,[1] and profiles itself as pro-life and pro-Israel, promotes the traditional family and opposition to same-sex marriage,[7] and supports economic liberalism.[8] Unlike the Christian Democrats, the party supports cooperation with the Progress Party.[9]

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