The Christmas Shoes (film)

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The Christmas Shoes
Directed by Andy Wolk
Written by Wesley Bishop
Donna Van Liere
Starring Rob Lowe
Kimberly Williams
Music by Lawrence Shragge
Cinematography John Berrie
Edited by Drake Silliman
Distributed by CBS
Release dates
December 1, 2002
Running time
100 minutes
  • United States
  • Canada
Language English

The Christmas Shoes is a made-for-TV movie, broadcast on CBS in December 2002. It is based on the song and novel of the same name. It was shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1] It is the first part of a trilogy, followed by The Christmas Blessing (2005) and The Christmas Hope (2009).

The film has three plot lines. One story is about a driven, workaholic lawyer named Robert Layton and his deteriorating marriage; another is about Robert's heartbroken mother Ellen and her friendly neighbor Dalton, a teacher; and the main story is about Maggie Andrews and her terminal illness, and how her family (small businessman husband Jack and young son Nathan) deal with it. All three stories are linked together, with Ellen taking over Maggie's volunteer job directing the local school choir during the Christmas season.

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