The Christmas Story (Dragnet)

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"The Christmas Story"
Dragnet episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 15
Directed by Jack Webb
Written by Richard L. Breen
Original air date December 21, 1967
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"The Trial Board"
Next →
"The Big Shipment"
List of Dragnet episodes (1967 series)

"The Christmas Story" was an episode of the television series Dragnet that aired on NBC on December 21, 1967. It starred Jack Webb (who also produced and directed), Harry Morgan, Bobby Troup and Harry Bartell. It was a remake of an episode from 1950s Dragnet series called "The Big Little Jesus". The original episode had been produced on both the radio and television versions of the program. The Christmas Story is the only episode in the series' run that was not based on an LAPD incident (in actuality, from the files of the San Francisco Police Department) and the only episode remade from an earlier episode. Bartell and Webb, as well as Herb Vigran and Ralph Moody, reprised their roles from Big Little Jesus.

Plot synopsis[edit]

Joe Friday and Bill Gannon are called to investigate a case of Baby Jesus theft at the San Fernando Mission church. which has a large Hispanic congregation. Father Xavier Rojas (Bartell) explains that a statue of the infant Jesus Christ is missing from the church's Nativity scene. Though the statue is of little financial value, it would be very disheartening to the congregation if the statue were missing at Christmas Mass. However, as the theft occurred on Christmas Eve, that leaves 24 hours for Friday and Gannon to locate the statue and recover it. In spite of their best efforts, Friday and Gannon cannot locate the statue and come to the church to give Father Rojas the bad news when a young boy, Paco Mendoza (Fernando Vasquez) comes in with the statue on a red wagon. Paco explains to the Father that he'd prayed that he'd receive a wagon on Christmas and if he were given it, he'd give the infant Jesus the first ride. Needless to say, no charges are pressed. After, as Father Rojas says, "Paco's family are very poor." Friday replies, "Are they?"

Differences in episodes[edit]

There are many similarities between The Christmas Story and The Big Little Jesus, since the same script (with some revisions) was used. There remain some differences though:

  • Friday's partner in the original is Frank Smith. Bill Gannon is his partner in the remake.
  • The church was located in downtown Los Angeles in the original, but the San Fernando Valley in the remake.
  • The main suspect, Claude Stroup, was portrayed by James Griffith in the original, and by Bobby Troup in the remake.
  • Sgt. Friday is a bit rougher with the suspect in the original episode.
  • When Friday realizes he cannot locate the statue in time for Christmas Mass, he says to his partner morosely "Merry Christmas" in both episodes. In the original he tosses Smith's hat to him as they leave. In the remake he hands Gannon a miniature Christmas tree.


  • The Brady Bunch star Barry Williams appears in the episode as John Heffernan. In addition, Star Trek actor & musician Craig Huxley appeared in the uncredited role of James Cornene.
  • The Christmas carol sung at the Golden Chance Hotel in both episodes is Good King Wenceslas.
  • Some prints of this episode, especially in syndication, use the "Dragnet 1970" opening, instead of its original one for "Dragnet 1968," as it was part of the second Dragnet season (1968); this was due to the fact that this episode was reran in later seasons, with their openings replaced with the one for the current season. The DVD release, however, uses the correct 1968 opening sequence.