The Chuck Wagon Gang

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The Chuck Wagon Gang
Chuck Wagon Gang performing for the Christian Music Hall of Fame awards
Background information
Origin Lubbock, Texas
United States
Genres Country
Southern Gospel
Years active 1936-present
Labels Columbia Records, Copperfield Records
Members Jeremy Stephens- Bass, Emcee, Guitar,
Manager/Owner Shaye Smith- Alto,
Julie Hudson-Soprano
Stan Hill- Tenor
Joe Rotten-Bass Guitar

The Chuck Wagon Gang is a Southern Gospel musical group, and long-running radio show, formed in 1935 by D.P. (Dad) Carter and son Jim (Ernest) and daughters Rose (Lola) and Anna (Effie).[1] The group got their first radio break as sponsored singers for Bewley Flour in 1936.[2] The "Gang" signed with Columbia Records and remained with them for 39 years, creating a world record with them that lasted until Johnny Mathis' contract with the same label entered its 40th year. At one point they were Columbia's number one selling group with excess of over 39 million in record sales.[3]

The Chuck Wagon Gang has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Grand Ole Opry. The group has been elected to the Gospel Music Association's Hall of Fame and the Smithsonian Institution's classic American recordings.[3]

Original members[edit]

  • D.P. (Dad) Carter - tenor
  • Rose (Lola) Carter Karnes - soprano (died 13-05-1997)
  • Anna (Effie) Carter Gordon Davis - alto
  • Jim (Ernest) Carter - bass, guitar


The group was founded in 1935 broadcasting from radio station KFYO in Lubbock, Texas, and took the name in 1936 when they moved to WBAP in Fort Worth.[4]

From Columbia to Copperfield[edit]

By the late 1970s, the group was still touring but felt a lack of support from the label they had recorded for during the previous forty-one years. Columbia had stopped servicing their songs to radio; thus airplay had become non-existent. Roy and Ruth Ellen Carter talked about it. They asked each other the question: “What can we do to rebuild what Daddy started?” That became the aim: not to make money, but to truly dedicate themselves to rebuilding the group to the strongest position it had enjoyed in years past. It was at this point starting in 1979 that they began recording for Copperfield Records for several years.

Former members[edit]

D.P. (Dad) Carter
Rose Carter Karnes
Anna (Carter) Gordon Davis, second wife of former Governor Jimmie Davis of Louisiana
Jim Carter
Jim Waits
Haskel "Hi-Pockets" Mitchell
Roy Carter
Eddie Carter
Howard Gordon
Ronnie Crittenden
Pat McKeehan
Greg Gordon
Vickie Gordon (Owens)
Ronnie Page
Bettye Goodwin
Ruth Ellen Yates
Shirley Carter
Patricia Neighbors
Harold Timmons
Debby Trusty
Anita Saylor
Kathy Watson
Renee' Martin
Darrell Morris
Jim Wesson
Rick Karnes
Melissa Kemper
Ronnie Page
Allen Thompkins
Penny Greene Shelnut
Kelly Jennings
Dave Emery
Source 'CWG 70th Ann. CD Cover'

Current members
  • Shaye Smith (Member 1994-2007, 2010–present)
  • Julie Hudson
  • Stan Hill
  • Jeremy Stephens
  • Joe Rotten



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