The Citadel, Montreal

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The Citadel, Montreal
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Citadelle de Montreal.jpg
Type fortress used to defend the city
Site information
Site history
Built 1690

The Citadel of Montreal was a former fortress used to defend the city.

Smaller than the one in Old Quebec, the Citadel was built by the French in 1690, with a cannon battery added in 1723.

The fort was demolished by the British in 1821 to allow for the extension of Notre-Dame Street.

The Citadel is in this map of Montreal, 1749. Inside the walls, the long rectangle in relief, at north-east corner

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Coordinates: 45°30′42″N 73°33′06″W / 45.51167°N 73.55167°W / 45.51167; -73.55167