The City's Edge

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The City's Edge
Directed by Ken Quinnell
Produced by Pom Oliver
Errol Sullivan
Written by Ken Quinnell
Bob Merritt
Based on novel The Running Man by W.A> Harbison
Starring Tommy Lewis
Hugo Weaving
Katrina Foster
Mark Lee
CB Films Production
Release dates
Running time
86 mins
Country Australia
Language English

The City's Edge is a 1983 Australian film co-written by aboriginal playwright Bob Merritt.[1]


Andy comes to Sydney and falls in love with the sister of a heroin addict.


The film was originally entitled Running Man and was never released theatrically in Australia although it was in the UK.[2]

Merritt later claimed he preferred to "write off" the experience but says it gave him the track record to make Short Changed (1985).[3]


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