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The City may refer to:


  • Istanbul (Constantinople), the Greeks still refer to the former Byzantine capital as "The Polis" or "The City" since as it used to be the center of the Hellenic World for over a millennium, and still is the head of the Orthodox Church.
  • San Francisco, throughout northern California, San Francisco is known as "The City"
  • The City of London, the historic core of London and (by metonymy) the British financial services sector
  • The city centre of any sizeable city, especially in local usage in the surrounding metropolitan area or region
  • Boston, as sometimes known in New England.
  • Rome, as the English translation of the classical Latin Urbe referring specifically to Rome
  • The City (mall), now The Outlets at Orange, a shopping center in California
  • Manhattan, the most densely populated borough of New York City
  • Chicago as known throughout northern Illinois.
  • Pittsburgh, especially downtown Pittsburgh, as known throughout some parts of southwestern PA.

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