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The Clique film.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Michael Lembeck
Produced by Bob Levy
Leslie Morgenstein
Tyra Banks (executive)
Written by Lisi Harrison (novel)
Liz Tigelaar (adaption)
Starring Ellen Marlow
Elizabeth Sarah McLaughlin
Bridgit Mendler
Samantha Boscarino
Sophie Anna Everhard
Music by George S. Clinton
Cinematography Michael Weaver
Edited by David Finfer
Distributed by Warner Premiere
Release dates November 11, 2008
Running time 87 minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Clique is a 2008 direct-to-DVD film directed by Michael Lembeck, based on the popular teen novel series by author Lisi Harrison. The film was produced through Alloy Entertainment and released through Tyra Banks' company Bankable Productions.[1]

Filming began in February 2008 in Rhode Island and ended in March 2008.[1]


Massie Block, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory, and Alicia Rivera are the most beautiful and popular girls at their private school, Octavian country day (OCD), even calling themselves the Pretty Committee. However, Massie's perfect life comes crashing down when the Block family takes in the Lyons family, who have moved from Orlando, Florida with their daughter, Claire. Massie immediately hates Claire on sight due to Claire's casual overalls and Keds. Claire attempts to impress Massie by convincing her mother to buy her designer clothing at the mall, where she bumps into Dylan, who is upset that she is a size 6 instead of a size 4. Claire cheers her up and the two part on friendly terms. Meanwhile, Massie meets a cute horseback rider named Chris Abley and immediately develops a crush on him.

When the girls carpool together for school, Dylan and Claire recognize each other, but Dylan is forced to be cold to Claire as Massie doesn't approve of her. At school, Claire bumps into Chris in front of the steps, which makes Massie jealous and makes her act even more cruel to Claire. Claire decides to stand up for herself, but it backfires on her as Massie vows to "ruin" her. Massie orders the Pretty Committee to exclude Claire in hopes of making her so miserable that the Lyons family will move back to Florida. First, Alicia spills red paint on Claire's new designer pants to make it look like she has her period and this followed by Dylan giving Claire false directions to the nurse, which culminates with Claire bursting into the wrong classroom so all the girls make fun of her stained pants. Claire meets the eccentric Layne Abeley (Vanessa Marano), who rejects the Pretty Committee's ideals of beauty and perfection and encourages Claire to do the same. Claire admires her individuality, but can't help but want to belong.

On Friday, Massie's mother invites Claire to Massie's weekend sleepover, much to Massie's fury. Massie and the girls soon get into a game of Would You Rather? before playing a game of truth or dare as Claire joins. Massie asks Claire directly who she likes, resulting in Claire admitting to getting a crush on Chris, silently infuriating Massie. As the girls got to sleep, Claire leaves.

In the morning, Layne comes by to hang out with Claire and Chris tags along, revealing that he is Layne's older brother. Claire learns that he has a girlfriend, unbeknownst to Massie. Claire flirts with him anyway just to upset Massie. Massie tells Chris that she and Layne are best friends, in hopes of getting closer to him. She invites Layne to her spa to interrogate her if Chris likes her, but to her dismay, Chris has not mentioned her at all.

The Pretty Committee holds a meeting at Massie's house for Kristen's project, which is to create a homemade makeup line called Glambition. They see Claire swimming in the pool and they tease her about her cheap bathing suit, which brings Claire to tears. Claire's mother offers to talk to Massie but Claire insists on handling things herself. She goes to Massie's room to confront her but Massie is gone. However, her computer unlocked so Claire IMs Alicia, Kristen, and Dylan pretending to be Massie to drive the girls apart. She tells them to wear embarrassing outfits to school, makes Dylan believe that she is fat, and accidentally learns that Kristen's family is secretly poor. Claire also convinces the Pretty Committee that Massie is ditching them for Layne. They begin to act coldly to Massie and more friendly to Claire, much to Claire's delight and Massie's confusion. Alicia even gives Claire an old cellphone to keep in touch and also offers to buy Claire a dress for the upcoming OCD charity auction.

When the Glambition makeup arrives, the Pretty Committee gets together to sort through the packages. They make snide comments at each other about their supposed dishonesty before realizing that Claire had manipulated all of them. They ambush Claire in a conference call and tells Claire that she is "over" at OCD. Now friends again, the Pretty Committee tell Massie that since the charity auction is on Chris' birthday, she should jump out of a cake to impress him. Massie happily agrees, pleased to be back on top.

On a field trip to New York City, the Pretty Committee tries to sell their Glambition make up but their recipe contains peanut oil, which triggers allergic reactions in their classmates. In amidst the panic, Massie anonymously texts Claire to use Layne's oatmeal snack to reduce the swelling, which makes Claire the hero of the day. Kristen thanks Claire not just for rescuing her, but for keeping her secret. Claire apologizes to Alicia and Dylan for lying to them and they accept her apology.

At the charity auction, Claire meets Chris' girlfriend Fawn and debates over whether to let Massie be humiliated as punishment for all her cruelty towards Claire. However, her kinder side takes charge, and Claire prevents Massie from jumping out of the cake. Grateful, Massie tells Claire that maybe one day she can be part of the clique.



Common Sense Media gave the film three stars, praising the acting while calling it "materialistic".[2]


No. Title Performer Length
1. "Go"   Rebecca Jones  
2. "Break It Down"   Free & Easy  
3. "Heaven On Earth"   Free & Easy  
4. "Hypnotique"   Free & Easy  
5. "Get Up and Go"   Alana D  
6. "Ur Perfect"   Juliet Shatkin  
7. "Look But Don't Touch"   Juliet Shatkin  
8. "Commit Me"   Alana D.  
9. "So Dangerous"   Alana D  
10. "Find My Place"   Samantha Boscarino  
11. "My Own Band"   Mellow Dee  
12. "What You Say"   Mellow Dee  
13. "Psycho 4 U"   CanDee Land  
14. "That Girl"   CanDee Land  
15. "Get Ur Good Time On"   CanDee Land  
16. "Ayo Ayo"   Chris Classic  
17. "Here With Me Now"   The Clique Girlz  
18. "String Quartet No. 18"      


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