The Cloning of Joanna May

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The Cloning of Joanna May is a 1989 science fiction novel by Fay Weldon.

Plot introduction[edit]

Joanna May was once married to Carl May, the wealthy CEO of a nuclear energy corporation, but they have been divorced for ten years after Joanna was caught in an incidental love affair. Since then, Carl May has done everything in his power to make Joanna's life difficult. When Joanna decides she's had enough, and pays a visit to her former husband, she is in for a surprise – Carl May has made several clones of her.

Television adaptation[edit]

The book was adapted into a two part television serial for ITV in 1992, directed by Philip Saville. The first part was broadcast on ITV at 9pm on Sunday 25 January 1992, with the second being shown the following Sunday. It starred Patricia Hodge and Brian Cox as Joanna and Carl May. It was nominated for a Royal Television Society award for Best Production Design in 1992.

Differences between book and television[edit]

One of the main differences between the book and television version was the number of clones of Joanna May. The book has four clones, while the television series had three.

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