The Co-operative Motor Group

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The Co-operative Motor Group
Business of a consumer co-operative
Industry Retail
Products Car dealership
Parent The Co-operative Group

The Co-operative Motor Group was the trading name of Co-operative Group Motors Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Co-operative Group.[1] Farnell Land Rover was the trading name of Albert Farnell Limited, a sister company.[2] Both head offices were located at Media House in Bradford.


In 2005, the Society sold Priory Motor Group, its motor car dealership business. Reg Vardy purchased the majority of dealerships in the North East region. However, following merger with United Co-operatives in 2009, The Co-operative Group inherited Sunwin Motors which it rebranded as The Co-operative Motor Group.[3]

Central England Co-operative[edit]

Following the disposal of Albert Farnell and its last remaining dealerships in 2013, The Co-operative Motor Group ceased trading. However, Central England Co-operative continues to operate dealerships in Lincoln (formerly Advantage Motor Group) and Loughborough (Empress Road Garage Services) under The Co-operative Motor Group name.[4]


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