The Collingswood Story

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The Collingswood Story
Directed by Mike Costanza
Produced by Beverly Burton
Written by Mike Costanza
Starring Stephanie Dees
Johnny Burton
Grant Edmonds
Vera Madeline
Music by John DeBorde
Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment
Release dates
June 21, 2006 (UK)
Running time
86 min.
Language English

The Collingswood Story is an award winning indie horror film, hailed by Shivers Magazine as "The Best Low Budget Movie Since The Blair Witch Project". The Collingswood Story was released in 2006 by Anchor Bay UK/Starz Home Entertainment.


The Collingswood Story focuses on the relationship between college students Rebecca Miles and Johnny Dalmass who attempt a long distance relationship via webcams.

Rebecca Miles has left her hometown—and her boyfriend, John—behind to go to college in Collingswood, New Jersey. For her 21st birthday, John gives her a webcam so the two can stay in touch.

The couple is soon plunged into a nightmarish world when they stumble upon an online psychic, Vera Madeline, who initiates a deadly reign of terror over their lives.


The Collingswood Story, which began production in the year 2000, employed the concept of a feature film viewed entirely through each character's webcam. At the time Skype, YouTube, and built-in computer cams was years before the concept was mainstream and distributors were reluctant to release the "webcam" film.

The filmmaker, Mike Costanza, sent screeners to every major horror website in the US and the UK. The online horror community, hesitant at first to watch an indie film with no distribution, found The Collingswood Story scary and innovative and began to generate a buzz for the new "indie thrill sensation". The online horror community's support helped put this indie horror film on the map.

In 2005, The Collingswood Story screened at many international festivals including Frightfest in London,The Festival of Fantastic Films in Manchester, and the Fearless Tales Film Festival in San Francisco. The film received the Best Cast and Best Indie Film Award. Also that year Anchor Bay UK released the film on DVD. The Collingswood Story received additional favorable reviews. Quotes included "A Low Budget Triumph",[1] "Inventive and Frightening",[2] "The Tense Atmosphere is Simply Superb and Unnerving",[3] "Original and Clever",[4] "Unquestionably the Best "Pure" Horror Film of this Year's Frightfest".[5] Empire Magazine, Dreamwatch, SFX, and journalist Kim Newman also praised the film.

The Collingswood Story was then pitched as a remake to various studios including the producers of Paranormal Activity.

In April 2011, DreadCentral screened the film during their celebration of Indie Horror Month.


  • Best Cast, Fearless Tales Film Festival San Francisco, California 2005
  • Best Indie Film, Horror Review Awards


Frightfest, London
Festival of Fantastic Films, Manchester
Fearless Tales, San Francisco
Boston Fantastic Film Festival
Horrorthon, Dublin


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