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Community Chest (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation that channels resources to the social service sector in Singapore. It was established in 1983 to centralise the fund-raising activities of its member Voluntary Welfare Organisations, to ensure that its members could concentrate on providing services and to reduce fund-raising expenses.


The Community Chest is headed by a committee with members from various sectors and occupations. The current chairman, Ms. Jennie Chua, is the President and CEO of The Ascott Group Ltd.

The President of Singapore, President S R Nathan is Community Chest's Patron-in-Chief while Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Ministry of Commnunity, Youth and Sports is Patron to the NPO.

Programmes Supported[edit]

The funds raised by the Community Chest are used for programmes that fall into four broad categories:

  1. Nurturing children to succeed
  2. Dignifying lives of the elderly
  3. Helping people with disabilities lead independent lives
  4. Keeping families together

In 2007, the Community Chest raised $52 million that was made available to more than 140 programmes. Singapore Pools and the Totalisator Board sponsor all of Community Chest's fund-raising costs.

Fund-raising Mechanisms[edit]

Community Chest raises funds through various means. These include:

  • SHARE - Donors allow monthly donations to be deducted directly from their pay.
  • Heartstrings walk - An annual event where thousands participate in a walk around the city area.

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