The Complete Book of Dwarves

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The Complete Book of Dwarves
Complete Book of Dwarves, The.jpg
The cover of the original printing of The Complete Book of Dwarves.
Author Jim Bambra[1]
Illustrator Gerald Brom, Clyde Caldwell, Larry Elmore, Keith Parkinson, and Karl Waller[1]
Series Player's Handbook Rules Supplements
Subject Dungeons & Dragons
Genre Role-playing games
Publisher TSR, Inc.
Publication date
Media type Paperback[4]
Pages 128[3]
ISBN 1-56076-110-5
OCLC 25321686
Preceded by The Complete Psionics Handbook
Followed by The Complete Bard's Handbook

The Complete Book of Dwarves is a supplemental rulebook for the 2nd edition of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, published in 1991 by TSR, Inc.[2][3] It contains a variety of information useful to playing dwarf characters in the game, including information on strongholds,[5] dwarven subraces,[2] character "kits",[2] role-playing, mining, and more. The book was later reprinted in November, 1993,[6][7] with a slightly different cover.


The Complete Book of Dwarves contains an introduction, 11 chapters, and a number of character sheets designed for use by players with dwarf player characters.

"The Creation of Dwarves"[edit]

The book's first chapter discusses the creation of dwarves in the Dungeons & Dragons world and dwarven myths regarding the creation of the world, as well as information on the dwarven afterlife.[6]

"The Dwarf Subraces"[edit]

This chapter describes the six main subraces of dwarves: hill dwarves, mountain dwarves, deep dwarves, sundered dwarves, duergar (also known as gray dwarves), and gully dwarves.[6] This chapter does not contain information on the statistics for the various subraces, focusing instead on the thematic differences between the subraces.[6]

"Your Life as a Dwarf"[edit]

The third chapter of the book examines dwarven culture and lifestyle, including information on their clans, view of the world, emotions, diet, marriage, and life cycle.[6]

"Character Creation"[edit]

This chapter contains information on how to create dwarf characters, including statistics for the various subraces and rules regarding maximum levels, ability score modifiers, movement, and age.[6]


The fifth chapter has rules on new and expanded proficiencies, with an eye towards their use by dwarves.[6]

"Dwarf Kits"[edit]

The longest chapter in the book, this section describes 24 "character kits" designed for dwarf characters, allowing players to further customize their characters.[6]

"Role Playing and Personalities"[edit]

The seventh chapter describes various "personalities" which can help players roleplay dwarf characters. Personalities include The Grumbler, The Optimist, and The Phobic.[6]


Chapter eight contains rules on mining, including how to survey the land, what products can be mined, and how much gold can be earned by mining.[6]


This chapter includes new equipment, such as smelters, battleaxes, and war machines.[6]

"Dwarf Strongholds"[edit]

The book's tenth chapter discusses dwarven strongholds, including the various types of strongholds, their government, resources they have access to, and relationships with other races.[6]

"Designing Dwarf Campaigns"[edit]

The final chapter is for Dungeon Masters creating a dwarf-based campaign, containing guidelines such as what dwarf subraces to use, dwarven mythology, campaign environments, and rules on how to create new character kits.[6]

"Design Sheets"[edit]

The Complete Book of Dwarves also contains "design sheets," for use designing new dwarf strongholds and kits, and "character sheets," designed for dwarves of each class.[6]

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