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The Conversation Prism is a graphic that helps chart online conversations between people and communities, as well as the networks that connect the Social Web.[1] It was created by Brian Solis, a blogger at PR 2.0, author, and principal of FutureWorks, and Jesse Thomas of JESS3. The Conversation Prism debuted in August 2008 to provide a visual representation of the true expansiveness of the Social Web and the conversations that define it.

When Jesse Thomas and Brian Solis initially mapped "the conversation" in 2008, they recognized that the act of categorizing social networks within a visually rich graphic would be momentary at best.[2] Their goal has been to observe, analyze, dissect, and present the dynamics of conversations, how and where they transpired.

They knew the graphic would demand endless iterations in order to accurately document evolving and shifting online conversations as well as the communities that promote them. An updated "version 2.0" of The Conversation Prism was released in March 2009.[3] In 2013, "version 4.0" of The Conversation Prism was released.[4]

The Conversation Prism has been translated into several languages other than English, including French and Japanese.[5]



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