The Council of Canadians

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The Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians logo.jpg
Formation 1985
Type citizen's organization based in Canada
Legal status active
Purpose/focus advocate and public voice, educator and network
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Region served Canada
Official languages English, French
Chair Maude Barlow
Website Council of Canadians official website

The Council of Canadians is a non-profit organization that advocates for clean water, fair trade, green energy, public health care, and a vibrant democracy.[1] The organization is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario with regional offices in Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver and a network of local chapters across the country.[2]  The Council of Canadians receives no money from governments or corporations, however it makes no such claims regards funding it receives from organizations such as political parties, labour unions or environmental activist groups.[1]

While primarily focused on national issues, the Council of Canadians also does international work through its Blue Planet Project,[3] which focuses on the implementation of the human right to water and sanitation.


The Council of Canadians is chaired by Maude Barlow, who is best known internationally for her work on water-related issues.

In 2012 $202,000 was transferred from the Council of Canadians to Maude Barlow's SJF account[4]

The Council publishes a magazine called Canadian Perspectives, which is published twice a year.[5]

Funding Controversy[edit]

On April 14 2014 a report by Sun News Network accused the Council of Canadians of receiving money from USA based organizations to oppose Canadian energy projects[6]. On its website, the Council of Canadians admits to receiving funding from US foundations to engage in political activities in Canada[7].

Political Activity[edit]

Due to its overt political activities, the Council of Canadians does not qualify as a registered charity in Canada.[8]


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