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Randall, the "honey badger" narrator and author, at a book signing event.

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger is a YouTube viral video and internet meme that first appeared on the internet in January 2011.[1] The video features commentary by an effeminate, New York-accented narrator who is identified only as "Randall" that is dubbed over pre-existing Nat Geo WILD footage of honey badgers.[2]


Randall stated he chose to redub the National Geographic footage because "this animal eats King Cobras, demolishes animals, and this narrator that is so boring, so I said, 'we need to spice this thing up.'"[3] Randall has also stated he first gained an interest in animals by way of his father, a cameraman for Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.[4] While not much information has been officially released about the narrator, the New York Observer has claimed a press release for a potential television show based on the video reveals Randall as "Christopher Gordon."[5] Gordon's Twitter channel, however, lists him as Randall's assistant.[6]

Critical response[edit]

The video received much attention in early 2011, garnering over 61 million views since its release.[7] References to the video have appeared in American Pickers, Hot in Cleveland, and Glee,[8] with frozen yogurt chain Red Mango offering a flavor named "Honey Badger".[9] The video has been listed as a favorite by Taylor Swift and Olivia Wilde.[10][11] In July 2013, a professional indoor soccer team renamed itself Laredo Honey Badgers.

Spin offs[edit]

Since the video's release, a book titled Honey Badger Don't Care has been released by Andrews McMeel Publishing,[12] as well as talks about a potential television show.[13][14] Randall has also voiced several commercials for products such as pistachios and virtual phone systems.[15][16][17] There are also plans to release two apps for iOS and Android, a "a honey badger role-playing game (narrated by Randall)" as well as an app containing phrases and jokes by Randall.[18][19]

Honey Badger Don't Care[edit]

In January 2012 Andrews McMeel Publishing released a book featuring comedic commentaries about the honey badger and ten other animals of the wild kingdom.[20] Reception to the book has been mixed to positive, with Audubon Magazine writing that the book was "memorable".[21] Willamette Week called the book "amusing, but much of the humor of the video is lost without Randall’s narration".[22]

Television show[edit]

In 2012 Randall stated that he was developing a television show with Six Eleven Media entitled Honey Badger U.[23] The show was inspired by the video and that it would be a mixture of live action and animation.[24]

Mobile app[edit]

Collaborating with MEDL Mobile, Randall launched "The Honey Badger Don't Care" app in 2011 with an updated version relaunched in 2013. [25] The app was made available on both the Google Play store as well as the Apple iTunes store.


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