The Crock of Gold (album)

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For other uses, see Crock of Gold.
The Crock Of Gold
Studio album by Shane MacGowan and the Popes
Released 1997
Genre Alternative punk
Length 58:54
Label ZTT
Producer Shane MacGowan
Shane MacGowan and the Popes chronology
The Snake
The Crock of Gold
Across the Broad Atlantic (Live on Paddy's Day)

The Crock of Gold was the second full length album by Shane MacGowan and the Popes and was released in November 1997 on ZTT Records. The Crock of Gold followed The Snake, MacGowan's first solo album after the breakup of The Pogues, and was less critically acclaimed than its predecessor. The album is named for the novel by Irish writer James Stephens. To date, it is the last full studio album MacGowan has recorded.

According to Rob Martin, writing for Spinal Column in 1998, "The Crock of Gold has one really solid song after another in the quasi-Celtic folk rock traditional style. The only negative is that there's not too much experimentation on the album. The only real unusual track is 'B&I Ferry', which has a reggae dub style. However, all the songs on the album are exactly what you'd expect from MacGowan. There are songs of lost love, drunken sorrows, loneliness, character portraits, and pride. All contain Shane's gritty and soulful trademark voice (and the vocals actually come off clear on the recordings- always a crapshoot when it comes to MacGowan's pipes). Although it's tough to top the work that MacGowan did with the Pogues, The Crock of Gold is a worthy effort that fans of MacGowan and the Pogues are sure to enjoy."

Like a number of songs by The Pogues, traditional Irish tunes are used as base melodies for some songs; including "Paddy Public Enemy Number One", which combines the tune of "The Man From Mullingar" with "The Kesh Jig"; and "More Pricks Than Kicks", to the tune "Tabhair Dom Do Lamh".[1]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Shane MacGowan; except where indicated

  1. "Paddy Rolling Stone"
  2. "Rock 'n' Roll Paddy"
  3. "Paddy Public Enemy No. 1"
  4. "Back in The County Hell"
  5. "Lonesome Highway"
  6. "Come to The Bower" (traditional; arranged MacGowan)
  7. "Céilídh Cowboy"
  8. "More Pricks Than Kicks"
  9. "Truck Drivin' Man"
  10. "Joey's in America"
  11. "B&I Ferry" (The Popes)
  12. "Mother Mo Chroi"
  13. "Spanish Lady" (traditional; arranged MacGowan)
  14. "St.John of Gods"
  15. "Skipping Rhymes" (traditional; arranged MacGowan)
  16. "Maclennan" (The Popes, Tom McManamon)
  17. "Wanderin' Star" (Al Lerner, Frederick Loewe)


The Popes:

  • Tom McAnimal - banjo
  • Paul "Mad Dog" McGuinness - guitar, backing vocals
  • John "The Riddler" Myers - fiddle, whistle, guitar
  • Danny Pope - drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • "Lucky" Dowling - bass, backing vocals
  • Kieran Kiely - saltarelle accordion, overton whistle, backing vocals


  • Produced by Shane MacGowan
  • Mixed by Adrian Serwood
  • Engineered by Alan Branch
  • Recorded and mixed at Wessex, Matrix, and On-U Studios
  • Cover painting by Shane MacGowan


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