The Cult of the Self

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Sous l’Œil des Barbares (1888)
Un Homme Libre (1889)
Le Jardin de Bérénice (1891)

The Cult of the Self (French: Le Culte du moi) is a trilogy of books by French author Maurice Barrès, sometimes called his trilogie du moi.[1] The trilogy was influenced by Romanticism, and it also made an apology of the pleasure of the senses.[2]


Barrès wrote the works while living in Italy. The first book, Under the Eyes of the Barbarians, (Sous l'œil des barbares) was published in 1888.[3] The second work, A Free Man, (Un Homme libre), was published in 1889. The final book, The Garden of Berenice (Le Jardin de Bérénice), was published in 1891.


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