The Curious Sofa

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For the album, see The Curious Sofa (album).
The Curious Sofa
The Curious Sofa.jpg
Author Edward Gorey (Ogdred Weary)
Publisher I. Obolensky
Publication date
ISBN 978-0-396-07861-6 (1980 reprint)
OCLC 1943444

The Curious Sofa is a classic 1961 book by Edward Gorey, published under the pen name Ogdred Weary (an anagram). The book is a "pornographic illustrated story about furniture" (according to the cover). According to reviews, there is nothing overtly sexual in the illustrations, although innuendos (and strategically deployed urns and tree branches) abound. The New York Times Book Review described it as "Gorey's naughty, hilarious travesty of lust". Gorey has stated that he intended to satirize Story of O.[1]

The story may also be found in Gorey's book Amphigorey.


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