The Daffy Doc

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The Daffy Doc
Looney Tunes (Porky Pig/Daffy Duck) series
Directed by Robert Clampett
Produced by Leon Schlesinger
Voices by Mel Blanc (unc.)
Music by Carl Stalling
Animation by John Carey
Vive Risto
Robert Cannon (unc.)
Norman McCabe (unc.)
Distributed by The Vitaphone Corp.
Release date(s) November 26, 1938
Color process Black and White
Language English

The Daffy Doc is a 1938 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Bob Clampett and starring Porky Pig and Daffy Duck. This cartoon was produced by Leon Schlesinger and released by Vitaphone and Warner Bros..


Dr. Quack is preparing for an important surgery and asks his assistant Daffy to please keep things quiet for him. Everything starts out calmly enough, but Daffy goes insane when Dr. Quack starts barking orders faster and faster (Scalpel, scissors, clamps, needle etc.)Daffy goes completely crazy and grabs the tools, throws them in the air and runs around the operating room acting like a lunatic. After using the oxygen bag as a punching bag, Daffy is kicked out of surgery and lands in an "artificial lung" machine that inflates Daffy's body parts. Insulted, he vows to get his own patient and prove his worth. Daffy grabs a mallet, puts it behind his back, and starts to look for a patient. While back in the operating room, Dr. Quack had finished fixing the patient (which turns out to be a football) and kicks it around the operating room and continues to play with it while the audience in cheer him on. Daffy looks out the window for a patient where sees Porky strolling by. Daffy hides behind the window pane at first so Porky doesn't see him then jumps out of the window and follows him (until they go to the back of the building and hits Porky in the head). He carries Porky in on a stretcher with a satisfied look on his face since he has now found his patient! Later, Porky is lying in a bed with a thermometer in his mouth (which later turns out to be a lollipop). Daffy is listening to Porky's heartbeat with a giant ragged stethoscope. After Daffy pulls the "thermometer" out of Porky's mouth, Porky tries to tell him that he's not sick, but Daffy ignores him and thrusts it back into his mouth. He then states that he must hold a consultation in order to decide what to do about Porky. He then knocks himself on the head and three images of himself appear. They talk about what to do when they all agree that an operation is in order. Daffy reaches into his medical bag and pulls out a big saw. He walks over to Porky, pulls the covers down and lifts his gown to operate. When Porky sees what Daffy's intentions are, he panics and yells, "Hey! W-W-What's the big idea?" A chase though the hospital ensues. Porky runs through a door, slams it and holds it to try to keep Daffy out only to find Daffy standing behind the door where he greets Porky with a cheery "Hello chum!" Porky panics and crashes through the door with Daffy hot on his trail. As Porky is running through the hallway, Daffy catches up with him and grabs the end of his gown and tries to stop him so he can proceed with the operation. Porky continues running and they both crash into the iron lung machine that was seen earlier. After it spits them both out, their bodies inflate and deflate continuously.


This cartoon is included, uncut, uncensored, and in its original black-and-white format, in Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 5.

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