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The Daily Buzz ("theDBZ")
The Daily Buzz Logo 2012.jpeg
The Daily Buzz logo (2012–present)
Jared Cotter
Jessica Reyes
Country of origin United States
Running time 120 minutes (2 hours)
Original channel First-run syndication,
Original run September 16, 2002 – April 17, 2015
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The Daily Buzz (also branded as "theDBZ") is a former nationally syndicated breakfast television news and infotainment program which aired in 151 television markets across the United States reaching 81.9 million homes and 71.9% of the US.[1] The show is owned and produced by Mojo Brands Media,[2][3] and it originates every weekday morning from studios at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida. The show caters to a younger-skewing audience demographic and has a more informal atmosphere in comparison to its network counterparts.

Premiering on 10 stations (all owned by the show's founding owner, ACME Communications) on September 16, 2002, The Daily Buzz was carried on stations in 151 U.S. television markets.[3] The show aired for 2 hours every day in the 5:00AM–7:00AM (ETZ) time slot, with start and running times varying by market (some stations may air only parts of the program). The show also streamed live-to-air on its website and uploaded daily to Hulu.[4]

The final episode of the series aired on April 17, 2015 unexpectedly. One of the financial backers of Mojo Brands pulled their funding for the company, and in turn this forced cancelation of the series with immediate effect, leaving the show's affiliates to scramble for new programming before May sweeps.[5]

Production history[edit]

2010–2012 logo.

For the first two years, The Daily Buzz broadcast out of then-ACME-owned WBDT in Dayton, Ohio. The show moved to the Orlando area in August 2004, initially broadcasting from WKCF's Lake Mary studios. The move came as part of a deal in which Emmis Communications, which owned WKCF, acquired a 50% interest in the show as of January 1, 2004.[6] In early 2007, WKCF moved to WESH's studios in Winter Park after WESH owners Hearst-Argyle Television acquired WKCF to create a duopoly in the Orlando market; soon afterward, Emmis sold its stake in The Daily Buzz back to ACME.

In mid-April 2007, the show's previous studios were acquired by Trinity Broadcasting Network and Good Life Broadcasting for new studios for their respective stations, WTGL-TV (now WHLV-TV) and WLCB-TV (the present-day WTGL).[7] At this time, the show changed Orlando affiliates, from WKCF to WRDQ, and also moved to a temporary home inside the Disney-MGM Studios. The Daily Buzz spent six weeks at the Disney facilities until new, permanent studios were completed on the campus of Full Sail University in Winter Park in June 2007.[8] The Daily Buzz's first show at Full Sail aired on Tuesday, June 19, 2007, and they continue to broadcast there to this day.

In 2010, Fisher Communications joined ACME Communications on a licensing and consulting agreement for The Daily Buzz. The agreement allowed Fisher to take over production of the show on ACME's behalf (they would move production to HD in 2010), and gave Fisher the option of purchasing the show from ACME. The agreement also allowed Fisher to create Buzz Brands, a service that offered multimedia content, both local in nature and from The Daily Buzz, to local affiliates for multiple media platforms (including TV, online, and even radio).[9][10] The first Buzz Brand platform to launch was "GalTime," a female-oriented platform that began with an October 2010 soft launch before expanding nationwide in early 2011;[11][12] "HeadDrama," which is geared toward advice on mental health concerns, became the second Buzz Brand platform in May 2011.[13] All of the "Buzz Brand" platforms have since ceased operation.

On August 6, 2012, the program introduced a new anchor team that featured actor Charles Divins; veteran TV anchor Lisa Spooner; CMT’s Top 20 Countdown host Lance Smith; and radio personality Jessica Reyes. Original co-host Andrea Jackson remained with the program until October 2013, while Andy Campbell, Mitch English and Kia Malone left the series.[14]

By the first quarter of 2013, Daily Buzz owner ACME Communications and operator Fisher Communications had been in the process of a gradual exit from the television business (ACME sold its last remaining TV stations in 2012, while Fisher was in the process of being merged into Sinclair Broadcast Group). On April 1, 2013, ACME sold The Daily Buzz (the company's last television asset) to Mojo Brands Media.[2][3]

Notable personalities[edit]



  • Charles Divins - co-anchor and "Ask a Hottie" feature correspondent (2012–July 18, 2014; currently at WDSU/New Orleans)
  • Lance Smith - co-anchor (2012–2014)
  • Mitch English - co-anchor, weather anchor, "Rumor Control" and "Mitch's World/World Record Roundup" (2002–2012, former Executive Producer of "Good Morning San Diego" at KUSI-TV, Now at KOKH-TV FOX 25 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • Clayton Morris - co-anchor, also "Clayton's Reality", "Keeping Them Honest" and "News By The Numbers" Correspondent (2002–2007, now at Fox News Channel)
  • Ron Corning - co-anchor (2002–2004, and guest appearance, 2006; former co-anchor of ABC's World News Now; former co-anchor of WNYW's Good Day New York, and at News 12 in New York; now at WFAA in Dallas, Texas)

Stations airing The Daily Buzz[edit]

The Daily Buzz currently aired in 151 television markets across the United States reaching 81.9 million homes and 71.9% of the US.[1] The bulk of the affiliate list comes from various larger-market stations affiliated with networks other than the Big 3 (such as The CW, MyNetworkTV, Fox or independents such as WRDQ in Orlando, The Daily Buzz's home city).[9] In addition to broadcast and cable affiliates, The Daily Buzz was also available daily on Hulu.[4]

During Mojo Brands Media's 2013 acquisition of The Daily Buzz, the company announced plans to distribute the program to international markets in the Caribbean and Latin America.[3]

Though many stations carrying The Daily Buzz show the full 2-hour broadcast live-to-air during the 5AM-7AM (ETZ) time slot, a few stations carry one hour of the program, while others tape delay and air the full show between 7-11A. The full Daily Buzz broadcast is also streamed live online, streaming live-to-air from 5:00AM–7:00AM every weekday morning through the program's website.[15] The program also airs on the cable network Youtoo TV, with some program segments posted on Youtoo's website.

Note: The below list is a partial compilation of noteworthy Daily Buzz affiliates and not a complete list of stations that air the program.


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