The Damagers

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The Damagers
The Damagers.jpg
1993 paperback edition
Author Donald Hamilton
Country United States
Language English
Series Matt Helm
Genre Spy novel
Publisher Fawcett Publications
Publication date
Media type Print (Paperback)
Pages 35 pp  ?
ISBN 0-449-14847-5
OCLC 29418905
LC Class MLC R CP00978
Preceded by The Threateners
Followed by The Dominators

The Damagers, published in 1993, is a spy novel by Donald Hamilton, and the twenty-seventh volume of the adventures of government assassin Matt Helm. Hamilton had launched the series in 1960 with Death of a Citizen.

The Damagers is, to date, the final Matt Helm novel to be published. Hamilton did complete a twenty-eighth novel, The Dominators some years later, but as of 2006 this book remains unpublished.

Plot summary[edit]

Matt Helm brings his literary career to a close (for now) with a double assignment: destroy a crime gang run by the son of the villain from The Wrecking Crew, and prevent the atomic destruction of Norfolk, Virginia.

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