The Darien Gap

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This article is about Martin Mitchinson's 2008 book. For the article about the geographical region, see Darién Gap.
The Darien Gap:
Travels in the Rainforest of Panama
The Darien Gap book cover.jpg
First edition cover of Canadian release
Author Martin Mitchinson
Country Canada
Subject Rainforests
Genre Non-fiction, book[1]
Publisher Harbour Publishing
Publication date
August 14, 2008
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 283 pp.
ISBN ISBN 9781550174212

The Darien Gap: Travels in the Rainforest of Panama is a non-fiction book, written by Canadian writer Martin Mitchinson, first published in August 2008 by Harbour Publishing. In the book, the author chronicles his 18 month expedition traveling the province of the Darién Gap, an area dangerous for human sojourns; a haven for Colombian guerrillas and drug-trafficking. The jungle is dense and teeming with caimans, boa constrictors, and jaguars. Mitchinson sailed into the province aboard his 36-foot ketch. He then moved in with a native family who also served as his guide.[2]

Awards and honours[edit]

The Darien Gap received shortlist recognition for the 2009 "Edna Staebler Award for Creative Non-Fiction".[2]

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