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The Dark Side is a bi-monthly UK magazine covering the field of horror cinema. It generally offers a mix of reviews of new releases and interviews with directors and actors, and has been edited throughout its run by Allan Bryce. Originally owned by part of Robert Maxwell's publishing empire, it was bought by Stray Cat, in which Bryce is a partner.

It also has its own DVD and book imprint. Releases include a reissue of John Martin's study of the "video nasty" phenomenon, The Seduction of the Gullible.

The magazine ceased publication in September 2009, but was rumored to be aiming for a relaunch in December 2010. On March 13, 2011, Allan Bryce announced on Facebook that The Dark Side was back up and running and will be on sale on a bi-monthly basis from April 21, 2011, the first issue dated May/June 2011. In November 2012, it launched Dark Side Digital a bi monthly online subscription magazine which alternates each month with the print edition found on shelves.


At the time it suspended publication, The Dark Side's regular contributors included John Martin, Calum Waddell, Alan Jones, Eileen Daly, Jason Slater, Jonathan Sothcott and Brad Stevens. Past writers include Stan Nicholls, Steve Green, John Brosnan, Barry Hurford and David Kerekes. Since its relaunch it has also taken on Simon Hooper. [1]


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